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I saw Avatar two weeks ago.  Wanted to blog about it but couldn’t!  Why?

I don’t know how to write about the fact that I cried while watching it.  And now — I can’t stop thinking about it.

Perhaps too many things were/are just too familiar.

First, the blue skin of bodies adorned with a map of bright stars made me think of my childhood in Poland.

Have you ever layed in tall grass at night looking at the starry sky and felt that life was perfect?  I did.  The grass smelled of wild flowers and the hot day of that summer.  The earth beneath me felt solid and gave me sense of belonging.  And the starry sky was like a promise of things yet to be discovered.  Remembering this made me cry.

Second,  the energy of life and the connectedness of all things.

In this imaginary world of blue people, everything was alive. The  trees, the flying reptiles, the horses, and the soil itself were a manifestation of the same god or the same energy called Eywa.

This reminded me of the class I teach at Howard Community College, Fundamentals of Spiritual Awareness, and how it feels to see my students engaged to the point of bewilderment when we study the Eastern ways of perceiving life, including the energy system of the human body. Remembering my students and how satisfying teaching is made me cry with joy.

Third, pain, the raw feeling of helplessness that comes with war.  As I watched the perfect world of the blue people being destroyed by unmatchable force only one person came to my mind.  Her name is Cindy Sheehan.  Her son, 24-year-old son — Army Spc. Casey Sheehan of Vacaville, California — was killed in Baghdad’s Sadr City on April 4, 2004.

Why are we in Iraq again?  It makes me cry every time I think about it.

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  1. blogolicious says:

    Made me cry, too. Sense of wonder.

  2. danutahinc says:

    Yes, what have we lost in wars already?
    The deepest sadness comes from knowing that nothing can ever be reclaimed.

  3. blogoliciously says:

    Check out my new avatar!

  4. blogoliciously says:

    Perhaps it’s better to be a golden Buddha than a scarecrow.

  5. danutahinc says:

    The choice is always yours!

  6. danutahinc says:

    you are truly golden!
    Very, very nice image!
    Keep it!

  7. Ania M says:

    My obejrzelismy Avatar w ramach Valentynek 🙂 Spodziewalam sie zupełnie czegos innego, takiego sensacyjno- technicznego science-fiction.
    Okazało się, że trafiliśmy na romans z gorzką nutą. Przepiękny, przegraficznie przewspaniały i zachwycający.
    Szkoda tylko, ze prawda o nas i o wielkich korporacjach jest tak niezaprzeczalnie przeprawdziwa 🙁

  8. brenK says:

    Loved “Avatar.” Really was too sad when the armed forces destroyed such beautiful nature and people. Was glad when the bad forces were defeated, and needed to leave. What struck me was their thinking that all things are connected — the same sentiment as in class, which I still can’t accept. The blue people reminded me completely of Native Americans, and their connection to the land. That a hero is needed is sad b/c most of the time, there is no hero — at least in the short run.

  9. Danuta says:

    Thank you, brenK for your post.
    The interconnectedness of all things is an interesting concept and it’s not easy to grasp.
    I am not sure of what we need more — time or studying.
    I know it came to me with both (maturity and studying).
    Let’s enjoy the journey and see where it can take us.

  10. Kaitlin says:

    I thought Avatar was a great movie! It also made me sad to see their world get crushed and I too thought of my friends over seas fighting for our country. I completely agree with you when you ask “Why are we in Iraq again?”. It pains me to even think about my friends getting hurt.

  11. Tyler Foster says:

    I agree with your feeling of helplessness that comes along with war. No one wants war and when it happens you feel as if you are powerless to make it stop.

  12. Tyler F. says:

    I personally haven’t seen the movie. I have heard many rave reviews about the movie. I was reading online about how many people have had there own strong personal experiences while watching the movie. I heard that a lot of people became depressed because they realized that their life wouldn’t be as perfect as the one presented in the movie. I hope one day to get the time to see the movie before it goes out of the theaters to see if it has this kind of effect on me.

  13. Mike Grenfell says:

    Wars are a devastating part of life. They destroy and kill and and spare nothing in their paths. There is a reason for war. They are not fought just for fun. There is always a purpose, just like there is a purpose for everything in this world. Sometimes the clarity of the reason for things is distorted, but we must realize that everything has a purpose and everything has a place.

  14. Jovan says:

    I loved this movie. It made me cry too. My boyfirend was sitting there laughing at me but he enjoyed it too. Many people said that it portayed the military as negative. I think the movie had a very good storyline about love.

  15. David S says:

    Avatar was great…aside from the fact that it is directly a statement of the wars of this country. We see something we want and we will go to any extreme to take it. This is a want, something not needed. The plot for this movie included a mineral that sold for a lot of money, in our modern war we are after oil. This movie also follows the basic plot for Disney’s Pocahontas. Found this a little amusing: http://failblog.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/epic-fail-avatar-plot-fail.jpg
    Ive always felt small, insignificant looking at the stars. We are small beings on a ball of dust in the Universe. We are interconnected, more than in a spiritual manner… our bodies being made of the same particles from a supernova long ago. We are of stars. We are made for our world, as the species in Avatar was made for theirs. =/

  16. Jami Jordan says:

    I haven’t seen avatar yet. But, hearing more and more about it makes me just that much more eager to see it when I finally get a chance. Sadly to say, I’ve heard it is being taken out of theaters by now. However, the theater at my job always seems to be the last place showing the latest movies. They are still playing it there! With so much buzz, I wonder why this movie didn’t get an Oscar. Now hearing that it made you cry and ponder over so many different issues is really just overkill at this point for me. As I’ve told myself before, I really have to see that movie.

  17. Melanie B says:

    Personally, I have seen the movie and thought the 3D effects were beautiful. I especially like how the writers in the movie made the forest normal by day and have it glowing in vibrant neon colors at night. I thought that the floating mountains that they portrayed in the beginning were beautiful. I saw the movie during the last showing at the movie theater where I live. I was so excited to see it and was interested in seeing how the 3-d movie was going to be. I think that Avatar was amazing, seeing their world and the customs that they portrayed made me feel sorry for them especially when they were attacked in war. The writers takes you on a journey to how their life was lived.

  18. Brandi P. says:

    I’ve seen Avatar and my intial reaction was not one of tears but one of wonder, I was amazed at the 3-D nature of the film. It is the most visually stuning movie I’ve ever seen. In a way I guess my reaction was more shallow but its not as if there haven’t been a thousand movies with the same message as Avatar. It just looked the best. War is always a desitating thing but in some cases a nessicary evil. Not that I believe the war in Iraq isa just war. It seems we’re in Iraq for even more Shallow reasons than my reaction.

  19. susan says:

    I loved the movie and also felt the helplessness of war while watching this movie. I was so touched by the tree distruction I also stared to cry and it made me think about all the craziness in the world today.

  20. komal says:

    I have not seen this movie, but after reading this post i definitely want to watch this movie. I am really looking forward to watch this movie maybe on this weekend.

  21. P says:

    I went to watch this movie I was actually surprised. I didn’t think I was going to like this movie at all. The movie had good effects and a good story line. I like the way the animals and the avatars connected in the movie. I thought the movie was a little bit too long for me. It’s a great family movie, good for kids as well. I would rate this movie 5/5.

  22. Chen says:

    I agree with the comment that you posted, Mrs. Hinc. The native people in avatar do have a beautiful life and human shouldn’t take over everything from them. Just like the United States takes over Iraq. I believe the reason why United States takes over Iraq is because of the oil that the Iraqis have. This is not a war for humanity; this is a war for individual profit. United States should pull out all the armed forces in Iraq and focus on eliminate the terrorist.

  23. hardeep says:

    I think this movie was great. The storyline was amazing. As the movie came to a end, I saw many people cry because it hit them so emotionally. After I was done watching the movie I felt different about nature. The special effects also stunned me. I felt like I was in the movie and also felt connected with the storyline. This movie reminded me of the European back in the 1600s when they kicked the Native Americans off the lands and took everything they had. The Native Americans welcomed the Europeans with great respect just like the movie, but they took an advantage of it.

  24. Funmilola says:

    I did not watch the movie, but the blog that I read makes me to feel it is a scary movie. I like the blue skin of bodies adorned with a map of bright stars. I can imagine how the perfect world of the blue people destroyed by unmatchable force. I will watch the film by next week.

  25. Nadja says:

    I’ve seen the movie “Avatar” in a movie theatre in Chinatown in DC.
    I went with my friend Julia and we were really excited to see the movie because everyone told us that it is fantastic.
    I loved the movie! The story is great and the fantasy world is just amazing. I liked the characters a lot and the actors did a very good job. The special effects were really cool and the created nature was lovely. I cried too when I saw the movie because the story had many sad moments.
    In the end I would really recommend to watch the movie.

  26. Inae says:

    Actually, while I watched this movie, I felt embarrassed, because, sometime, I do very cruel thing. Even though it is not like huge thing, I do it in my routine. To get my goal, I don’t care another people’s feeling. Anyway, I am really happy to remind the movie.

  27. DaWoon says:

    I agree your opinion. When I saw this movie, I was really excited. I love this movie, because this movie colors is very beautiful. Especially I love bright stars in their skin. While I was watching the movie, I wanted to have their skin. When I was a child, I often saw starry sky at my grandparent’s house. It was very beautiful and it makes to feel at ease. So I still love that.

  28. Pal says:

    The movie has great digital effects. In fact, the movie is a master piece. But, I connect the story of the movie with, what happened in 16th and 17th century in the Americas, when the Europeans came. It seems to me, that the movie assembles some of the characteristics of Americas History. The movie made me long about the massacres, segregation, and spell from their culture and land. Nevertheless, the movie is worth to see.

  29. Basi says:

    I saw the movie and I felt the same way you did. The fact the armed force destroyed the beautiful nature and the people it was unsaid. That brings me to the same question you ask before “Why do we still in Iraq”. It is great to know that there are people like you and I who are against all these scandals.

  30. Mahnaz says:

    Danuta, I agree with you that everything in nature is connecting together. On the other hand people see something and the want to kill them because of money. I love this sentence”The energy of life and the connectedness of all things.” All of blue people like to have connection with nature and get energy from them. I think it was a great movie.

  31. lanxi says:

    Although I don’t watch Avatar movie, I saw some pictures about the movie. There are blue skins and long ears people. Actually, when I came to American, I saw a lot of white and black skins people. I can’t believe white and black skins people live on the earth because all my country people have yellow skins. I never saw different skins people lived in my hometown. So when I saw some pictures about the Avatar movie. I was thinking why they have blue skins people? There are ready have white and black skins people in this country. It makes me to think about that how white and black people can live in peace. I have already lived on this country for two years, I felt white, black or yellow skins people lived in peace. In this country, everyone have equal right to live. And we live freedom, peaceful and love.

  32. Mohamed says:

    Unfortunately I did not watch the movie ‘Avatar’, I will try to watch this movie soon.
    But according to what I understood from the ‘Blue People make me cry’ written by my English 087 instructor in HCC Ms. Danuta Hinc. I agreed with her comments. The feelings that anyone who had been in a war zone will never be the same again. I am against America being in Iraq.

  33. Linda says:

    Avatar is a great movie, great storyline and very emotional. This movie remembered me of the Europeans coming to Africa and taking over their resources; like Gold Diamond and Sliver, in all I enjoy the movie and I felt bad for the Blue People.

  34. Vlad says:

    I agree with you because that the Avatar is amassing story. It shows how important is to respect the nature and how bed can be human egoism. First, what impressed me is the connection between native people and nature. They had amassing understanding how is important the love to everything around on the planet. On the other hand this story shows how egoistic are humans to the different civilizations. In conclusion, I will recommend to everybody to watch this move because it is wonderful story.

  35. zenab says:

    I did receive an invitation from my lovely niece Awa G., we have been seen the movie and thought the 3D effects were so beautiful. I did realize that the blue people were treated unfairly. They were living peacefully until they got visitors from the other land: The American came to the blue people because of their own interest.The destruction of such beautiful nature and people was very sad. I was thinking about the actual war in Iraq. Avatar was amazing, it was a great movie.The writer had lot of imaginations and he did a nice job. I am very sorry because I do not have any answer to your question: WHY ARE WE IN IRAQ AGAIN?

  36. Fatima says:

    I did not see the movie but from what I have heard from my fellow students and peers, it seems like a great movie with a great concept. From what I interpreted from the reviews I’ve heard , The movie promoted global and spiritual awareness. understanding that it is not always about us but about what surrounds us and what makes our lives what it is. The trees, the animals, our families, our friends and even strangers are all part of us. we are all connected by One root, a higher Being.

  37. Carole says:

    I was transfixed by the beauty of the movie and the overarching truth it represented about the nature of Man.

    When I was young, I was mourning the “death” of my first love affair. I was in great emotional and spiritual pain. I left my home on a cold night in late November and took a walk with my puppy down to the park by the bridge. I lay down under a tree and saw a myriad stars sparkling down on me. I felt a sudden calm and peacefulness and knew, somehow, the future lay before me rich with promise of good things to come.

    • Danuta Hinc says:

      thank you for the beautiful comment.
      You are right, it’s difficult to overcome pain that comes from the “biggest” loses. And how reassuring it is that if we could find the true connection with the world/universe we can, and always be, comforted.