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Back in June, I told you about a writer and peace advocate, Charles “Chic” Dambach, whom I met at the Baltimore Book Festival. We had a conversation that day about my novel, To Kill the Other, and his book, Exhaust the Limits, which, each in its own way, explore the same themes.

“We really should get together and talk more,” we said. Well, we did — twice, in a wide-ranging conversation over two different afternoons and 8 hours. And this video is the first of what I hope will be many dialogues with my friend Chic.

This portion of our conversation is about war and peace: what causes the former and how to achieve the latter. Chic’s work with the Alliance for Peacebuilding is about understanding the causes of war as if war were a disease, and prescribing the right preventive measures and “treatments.” It’s a fascinating and exciting concept, and I am happy to offer it to you.

What do you think? Is war a disease and does Chic prescribe the right “cure”?

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