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In this video I am reading an excerpt from “To Kill the Other.” The reading took place at a friend’s house on November 19th, 2011. The excerpt pertains to the shipyard workers uprising in Gdansk and Gdynia in December 1970.

As a six year old boy, Marek witnesses his mother’s death. He learns that the people who killed his mother were the Russians. Later on, throughout his adult life, he searches for ways to revenge what happened to him and his family. Finally he finds the way: He joins the mujahideen in the Soviet war in Afghanistan. He feels that by joining the mujahideen he will find justice.  Will he?

2 Responses to “Reading from “To Kill the Other” — The 1970 shipyard workers uprising in Marek’s story”

  1. pam says:

    My house films well! 🙂 Great reading!

  2. Danuta Hinc says:

    Thank you!
    Your house was the perfect place to accommodate the hungry (literally and figuratively speaking) crowd.