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I came across a short article in the AtlanticA Stunning, Dreamlike Animation About Escaping Gravity by Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg that introduced an amazing video by Filip Piskorzynski featuring the actress, Natalia Dufraisse.  Throughout the video, the actress was suspended above the ground in constant motion. And even though the technique used in this video was easy to recognize, for me it created an unforgettable spell and prompted me to consider the following suspension scenarios:


  • I see a woman named Julia who after years of visiting the doctor’s office found out that she is finally pregnant, and with twins. Even though at this moment only her eyes are showing the change, her entire body is transformed into music, into a poem sung by a lover, into a crystal clear river flowing down the mountain straight into lowlands and an open sea. Her husband reaches for her hand and brings it slowly to his lips.
  • I see a woman named Sandy hunched over her mother’s bed in a nursing home. Sandy’s mother has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for the past fifteen years. She is sliding her hand under her mother’s back to find the button that rolled down from her mother’s chest. Her mother smiles from behind her gray eyes and Sandy remembers the days at the lake.  She remembers her mother handing her another flat, smooth rock and showing her how to lean forward and to the side, how to throw the rock to make it skip on the surface of the water.
  • I see a woman named Susan who has been living in an abusive marriage for the past ten years. She looks out the window above the tree line where cumulus clouds have formed a wide passage through the blue sky. She hears her husband scream but she already knows that this is not about her being childless, or about her not being taller and slimmer, or about her not having enough of something she could never name. Her husband’s voice fills her skin up all the way to where she has to let go. And for the first time she sees herself opening the front door and walking out.


Here is the video.




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  1. Bilal Atiya says:

    While watching the video, I really wanted to see the message being portrayed. At first, I thought it was simply about someone who was going through a wild dream while ignoring the blaring sounds of her alarm clock. As the video progressed, I saw that there was a much deeper meaning. The woman in the video at first was free to do as she liked. She dressed in many different colors and clothes and wandered from beaches to meadows without any cares or worries. She was playful. She was happy. Then it all came crashing down around her. She was sucked into the corporate world and held down by “the man”. In the end, it shows her conforming to society and walking as if in a herd of sheep. To me, this was showing how people are at first free to live their dreams, be happy, and freely express themselves. Then, once you enter the corporate workplace, it all changes. You are forced to conform. You are forced to repress your feelings. You are a slave to “the man”.

  2. Malik Kadir says:

    The video was fascinating to me on many levels. Initially, I thought of the stop motion mechanics used to put the piece together, but I am not very artistically inclined so that was merely a small pause before I really got into the video. I personally was looking for what kind of interpretations one could produce from what the director gave to us, and I based a lot of my interpretation from the feeling I got watching the various parts of the video. During the beach and meadows sequences, the video gave off a dreamy, surreal vibe, like anything is possible and that potential is limitless. This, to me, represents the human mind’s capacity for creativity and unrestricted curiosity. It also expressed to me the importance of dreams and the potential of willful thinking. The lady felt free in her thoughts and her vibrancy showed in her clothing and actions like dancing in the air. When the lady in the video was brought down and changed from bright clothes to black clothing, I felt this represented a grounded reality, but more importantly, a modern reality where productivity is valued above all else. You are allowed to use your imagination, as the woman’s attempts to fly again demonstrated, but you must not lose sight of your main purpose in society, which is to follow rules and do what is expected of you. The ending was ambiguous to me, but the feeling I got from it was that the ennui and monotony of modern life can take its toll on a person’s soul, especially if they are creative. To achieve a feeling of true achievement for a person who feels the world’s expectations are too rigid and narrow, they may have to do something shocking and extreme, which could be represented by lady seemingly electrocuting herself. Though she is shocked and probably in pain, she feels more alive than she had since she had to lock her feet on the ground.

  3. Manuel Gamarra says:

    My opinion on the video was based on being confused most of the video. I feel like the video was based on the girl living life and being confused at the same time. Maybe the girl was being unproductive and wasn’t doing anything with her life. I believe that when she was in bed in the beach sleeping that meant she was living life as a dream. The whole video was really confusing to me, but I believe that was the purpose of the video to cause confusion to show the audience to be more productive in their daily lives and stop living a dream. This can relate more to young people who are living life, but being unproductive. The video to me is about a young lady who is confused on what she wants to do in life. The scene where she’s changing multiple clothes show that she is always something different and not settled on what she wants or wants to do. Based on her sleeping on the beach, changing clothes, and being put down by some random guy in an alley shows that there is no stability in the young ladies life. I believe the video is called Gravity because gravity pulls you down and I believe that is a metaphor towards the end when a guy pulls her down in the alley and brings her back to reality. The video overall was confusing and I still don’t understand the meaning or message it is trying to send to its audience.

  4. Nayoung says:

    This was an excellent video. It was a great metaphor on modern society and conformism. It seems like the girl was living a care-free life on the beach and the woods. It wasn’t until she “fell down the tree” and reached the train station she felt insecure and scared. After floating throughout the beginning half of the video, a man from civilization saw her and forced her to fall back down to the ground. After she lost her ability to float again, she tried to staple her fingers and see if she can be “stapled” to defy gravity. When she realized it was no use to try, she conformed and walked away with the group of civilized men.

    I thought it was depressingly realistic because the girl seemed to have a great sense of individuality in the beginning. But in today’s society, many people are forced to lose their individualism and creative side just to appease the people around them. The girl seemed scared when she saw the man, possibly because she knew what he was going to do. Before she reached civilization, she was allowed to move freely and wear whatever she wanted. The man seemed to represent conformism because the producer of the video chose to not show his face. None of the men at the end of the video showed their faces. This seems to represent conformism and the lack of individuality it entails.

    I don’t really understand why her hair was floating at the end. Was it because the staples attached to the wires represented an electric shock on her? I’m not really sure… It seems like the person who created this video is protesting against conformism. The black colored clothes that everyone wears at the end of the video seem to display a negative connotation to the idea.

  5. Shereen says:

    Watching this video I was really confused at first. After watching it all I made some sort of sense to it. In the beginning there was an alarm clock that she kept hitting the snooze button for. She did not want to get up. This time clock when I first saw it I automatically thought of our biological clock. I thought the video would be about how life is short, the biological clock is ticking and there is no snooze button for it. So the actress got up after trying to hit the snooze button and failed. It seemed that she was trying to live life to the fullest. Being at beautiful places such as the beach or the meadow and being free. Walking without shoes and wearing whatever she pleased. But something brought her down. There could be a number of reasons why, the ending of a beautiful relationship is what I would think. This could be a relationship with a lover a friend or a family member. The ending of this relationship forced her into reality. She was forced to wear her shoes and wear a black dress with no emotion behind it. There was a man that forced her down. That man could symbolize the ending of the relationship. She looked really scared and lost and was trying to jump back up. She was trying to go back to her fantasy world but she couldn’t. In the end of the video I see the group of people surrounding her. All of them look the same and are dressed the same. I feel that is talking about the conformity of society in where people are forced to conform with the norm of society or they will be out casted. She tries to do everything in her power to stand out but everyone just bombards her into conforming and she has nowhere else to go.

  6. Daniela says:

    This short video was extremely interesting to me. I feel as though it was very creative and original, and it had beautiful images depicted throughout the video. I have taken a film class my senior year of high school where we had to film short films, and one of them was a stop motion short video. I remember the process being quite difficult, especially when making sure that each picture we took we tried to make it align as good as we could with the previous picture we took that way the final product would be a nice and smooth flowing video. Therefore, with that in mind, I could not believe how accurate and equally aligned the short video was overall. In addition to the height that the girl was at, even the way the clouds were in the background was kept consistent. This is incredible to me because in order to have the girl jump the same height for so many times while also remembering to shoot the background consistently, which as we all know in this case the clouds will keep moving through the sky, then the filmmakers must have been very precise and quick with taking the pictures that they took. So overall, I think that this is an amazing video that I think is well worth all of the time and effort that I imagine they put into making this video. Well done!!

  7. Alysa says:

    I see a nymph or a sprite, a natural element living in a natural world. She is immortal and timeless. Her shape changes to suit her desires. She lives on no one’s schedule but her own. She lives for the feel of the wind in her hair and bark against her skin. She is the ocean, she is the sand, she is the grass, and she is the forest. She is a symbol of freedom and the earth. Her desires are simple and her life is full of magic.
    And then she is thrown into the unnatural world, which is full of shapes and sounds that have no place in her or for her. She attempts to find a place for herself in the landscape she has found herself in and does not find one. She is trash. She does not belong. When she comes out and meets man she is changed. She is not sure how or why she cannot be as she was. Her shape becomes solid. She loses the color and the freedom from her life before. She lives in a gray space with no way to escape, but she tries. She attempts her previous motions and finds that she can no longer live on her own time or in her own way. She even tries to use something made by man, the animal that has trapped her in this world. Nothing works. Her magic is gone.

  8. Anthony W. Hitaffer says:

    As I watch the video in class today, my first impression was, “Oh god, it is an art film!” I am all for individual artistic expression, but it seems to me that every time artistic expression is created on the medium of film, it tends to be overly expressive and gaudy. However, as I watched the film progress, I was captivated by its possible story. To me the most important aspect of any art piece, whether it be film, sculpture, or painting is its aesthetic connection to the viewer. I want to see and if possible experience the story behind the art work. As I watched the film, I began to see the story come forth from all of the stop motion photography and rave music. I began to see a story about a women/girl who was enjoying the freedom of the natural side of life this great planet has to offer us. The beaches, woods, fresh air, and open spaces all scream to me about the possibilities of a happy and clean life attached to Mother Nature. When she was thrown onto the city, I saw her weighted down by the unnecessary burdens of living in a world composed primarily of man-made objects. I t is my opinion that the director and writer was trying to make a statement about global turmoil.

  9. Joey Ignacio says:

    In this video I see a girl who has some type of mental illness or perhaps on hallucinogenic drugs. She is probably insane and is completely out of touch with reality. Her insanity and heavy usage of acid and LSD is making her dance around and think that she is flying to many different places when in reality she is just rolling around in a dumpster. The man was trying to help her get out of the dumpster and stand up, but she was too out of it to realize that and instead thought that he was shrinking her. Towards the end of the video her “ability” to fly started to disappear because the drugs were wearing off. Because she’s a crazy drug addict and was out of acid, she used the electricity from the train tracks to get her fix. Luckily for her, the tracks did not have enough electricity to kill her. She still has a chance to find some professional help. All in all, I believe this is an anti-drug commercial and enjoyed it.

  10. Nick Foley says:

    I immediately zoomed in on this character’s emotions and what inspired her every move. She starts out laying on a beach in total tranquility. The look on her face indicates pain and suffering. She seems to be on a retreat away from life, almost like a form of rehab. She then suddenly comes alive – but what makes her come alive?
    I also focused on the music, a pulsing dance track which symbolizes a horrific thought she’s trying to erase from her memory. This thought seems plague her throughout her journey, even as she temporarily erases it from her memory while trying to heal herself throughout her self-journey. It seems like she’s re-discovering herself after some great trauma in her life, only to be thrust right back into the toxic environment she tried so hard to escape. The black dress represents toxicity – perhaps a drug addiction, or some sort of traumatic event that will affect her for the rest of her life. Just when she feels like she’s healed from this horrific experience, her demons resurface, and they push her down into the dark hole she emerged from at the beginning.
    To me, this isn’t something who is blissfully exploring the wonders of life – this is someone who is in constant pain and turmoil, who struggles every minute of her life to find happiness and to silence the parts of her brain telling her that she cannot go on.

  11. Alenna says:

    My initial impression of the video left me confused about what was going on. At first glance the girl’s facial expressions and emotions did not seem happy. Then she progressively became happier the longer and longer she could escape gravity. She was above the world and all of its elements. On the beach time had lapsed. I can conclude to that because she changed clothes many times. She could have been living in pure bliss for many years. She may not have had a care in the world. Then when she was in the meadow she was dancing around seamlessly. Everything in her world seemed perfect. She had no one to tell her what to do, how to dress, or how to live.

    After she fell down into the train station, she became very distressed. She realized she could not elevate herself above gravity. She fell into a trash can symbolizing that the world she has found herself in was not going to be a good one. Something that is unwanted and useless gets thrown away, so maybe her idea of being above gravity got thrown out and casted away by society. As soon as she stepped out of the trash dumpster she was pushed to the ground and changed into a black dress. This to me symbolized numbness, normalcy, conformity, and blandness. You didn’t see the man’s face that put her down because who he is wasn’t as important as the fact that she could no longer uplift herself.

    When she electrocuted herself I thought she was committing suicide, but it could also be the normalness of society that was killing her. Then she walked with the men in black suits because everyone was the same and no one was different. No one can defy gravity. She had to conform to the social norms.

    This was a great video with great video affects.

  12. Andrew says:

    At the start of this video I was very confused. I felt as though the woman was expressing confusion and I was sharing that sense of confusion with her. However as the video went on I began to feel more comfortable with the idea that this is a new experience, just as the character seems to understand that she was free of gravity. I noticed that the woman started to do common morning tasks that one would do in the comfort of one’s own home. This too gave me a feeling that this woman is most comfortable in nature where things like the burdens and responsibilities of daily life can be forgotten. I felt a very intense connection at this point because I too feel most comfortable in my home as well as in nature where I am free to do as I wish. As the video progressed it took me on a progressively negative emotional trip. We witness the woman falling into the tunnel which I believe is her transition to the chores and burdens of daily life. The woman emerges to find that she is in essence, no longer free of gravity. This is a feeling that must have disturbed her greatly as she goes to great lengths to try and be free of gravity again. As I see It, this is a metaphor for how the rigors and chores of work life can hold you down. People are held back by society just as this woman was held down by gravity once she emerged into the urban environment. While the video spends lots of time exploring the settings I feel like the nature environment gave off a much more positive appeal. This fact leads me to think that the creators of this video are attempting to express their opinion that people shouldn’t be held back by burdens that are felt in the urban environment, but rather take the time to enjoy nature or whatever environment you feel most comfortable in.

  13. Katherine says:

    When I watched this video, I was primarily focused on figuring out what the message or the “point” of the video was. Maybe this is because I am a communication major and have been taught that everything communicates some kind of message.

    For the majority of the video, I didn’t really understand what was happening. It was not until I saw the man pushing the woman down that I started to understand the message. Throughout the majority of the video, the woman is changing in and out of different colorful outfits and floating through various environments like the beach and a forest. There was a dream-like quality. Suddenly, she appears in a more urban environment. A man pushes her down. Her pink, frilly dress turns into a plain black one. Her bare feet are constrained by a pair of black shoes. The most noticeable change is that she can no longer float freely through the air. She has stuck on the ground.

    To me, it seemed that there must be someone or some kind of force that inhibits this woman. It could be that there is a man who takes away the joy in this woman’s life. Maybe he is abusive in some kind of way. However, I think the fact that the environment changes is significant. I think that the force that constrains this woman has more to do with society. The message might be that in our society, because of our advanced technology and sophisticated lifestyle, we have lost an appreciation for a simple life.

    I think I would need to watch this video a few times to fully appreciate it because I was quite preoccupied with figuring out the message when I watched it.

  14. Kevin says:

    The biggest aspect of this video that struck me was the storyline. At the beginning of the movie you can see the somberness on the actress’s face. This told me that she had some sort of past event in her life that was detrimental to her well-being and that she was not happy with. Of note as well is the timeclock that she wakes up next to. It seems to me that she was tied to this timeclock, as if modern society was weighing her down. This beginning connotes sort of a start-over, a new chance for the subject to start her life over. She at first seems confused at her surroundings, but quickly adjusts. One of the main features of the video is that she begins to “float” in the air. This tells me that she is now happy. The connection between the natural surroundings like the beach and the woods to this happiness is unmistakable. It tells the viewer that Mother nature allows the spirit to be free.

    In contrast, near the middle of the movie, we see that she suddenly falls into the surroundings of modern society. When she lands, we see a man pushes her down to the ground. She is no longer suspended in the air, but ‘grounded’. We see that she has lost her ability to jump. Eventually, she becomes tied up by electrical wires and then can’t even move. To me, the filmmaker is trying to get the message across that modern society is burdensome, that it weighs you down and makes you unhappy. By contrast, she was happy and free in the natural surroundings. Thus it connotes the debate and the contrast between modern society and nature.

  15. Andrew says:

    When I first watched this video it gave me a sense of living and purpose. First, the music made me want to stand up jump around, start moving, start dancing just like the woman. The music, to me, seemed very exotic and upbeat, perfect for the video. Second, the scenes in the background were the first thing that I noticed. It began as a scene on the beach, and then it moved to the dunes, then to a desert, to a forest, to mountains, and then it left the nature scenes and plummeted into the turmoil of life and reality. The scenes became darker and less exciting. When she fell to the subway and was seen in the working district, it seemed as if she didn’t want to be there at all, as if she wanted to go back and dance on the beach. Also, these scenes made me want to get up out of my chair and go to the beach, travel into the forest, and take a train to some distant land. It told me to go on adventures and experience all of life. I have traveled out west to the Rockies and seen the outskirts of a desert. This video revived these memories inside of me and I wanted to go back and see all of them over again. The second half of the video reminded me of reality and the stresses that life can cause. The beach and the forest were a hideaway from the realities of life. She really seemed to enjoy and live life to the fullest in the earlier scenes, whereas in the later scenes she seemed to forget about enjoying life.

  16. Nathan says:

    Initially, like another student in our class, I was focused on the technical aspects of the film and how it was created. Easily recognizing that it is a stop-motion film, the very first thought that I had when it started playing was that it must’ve taken an extremely long time to produce. Especially during the scene when the woman is pouring powdered tea mix into a mug by the ocean, I was thinking “man it must’ve taken a lot of tea to record that short and simple scene.” Of course the powder was probably only just sand, but you get the point. Anyways, once I had gotten beyond my amazement amount of effort it must have taken to produce the film, I began to appreciate how artistic it is. Artistic not only in the sense that the scenes are captured so beautifully in such a way to capture the essence of the setting, but also in that such a simple film could have so many different meanings. With no spoken narration or dialogue and a rather abstract plot, the film may have delivered a completely different message or story to each viewer.

  17. Brett says:

    When I was watching the video “Gravity” a lot of thoughts and feelings went through my head. I looked at this video through the view of the woman. The video seemed to tell a story of her life. As if something has happened and she is experiencing life in an imaginary place. She is constantly suspended in the air and moves around freely for most of the video. She looked like she was living in a fantasy world, waking up on the beach moving in and out of places, and around a meadow.
    She had no concern of what was around her, just enjoying every minute of her life. I got the feeling that I should be doing more in my life as well and experience new adventures. As the video progressed, she met a man who basically brought her back down to reality. After that meeting she kept on trying to get back to that feeling where she started. She was back in the real world so to speak. I noticed her dress turned a dark color as opposed to the light color dresses she was wearing in the beginning.
    I got the message that she was back to conforming to society. In sum, I looked at this video through the perspective of the woman. She seemed to be telling a story of something that just had happened in her life and that she escaped for a few minutes only to be brought back down.

  18. Lismarie says:

    When the video first began, I was completely confused. Why was this woman suspended throughout every aspect of her day? Why was she alone in isolated locations, at the beach, in the forest? When she finally fell down the tree and into a city, and was subsequently pushed to touch the ground, then I understood. This woman has been living in a fantasy land and reality has just struck her down so she can no longer pretend all was well in her life. Her proverbial bubble had been burst and reality came flooding in. No matter how hard she tried to go back to how life once was, blissfully ignorant, in my opinion, she was not able to do so. It’s sort of like the awakening you experience as a child when you realize that your parents are not in fact perfect. They lie and have biases, just like everyone else. The imagery at the end of the video makes me feel that what she had been running away from/playing ignorant about was life. She acted like life was simple and fun and you can wake up at any time of day and play, at the beach, in the forest. But when reality set in, she realized, she has to actually go to work and make money to live! And by realizing this fact of life, that she has to work to make a living, she feels bogged down and feels like she has just become another number in the monopoly corporation of life.

  19. Melissa D. says:

    I see a young girl lying down, shrouded inside a pure white blanket on a beach. The sand wisps rapidly past her as time goes by. Time is going by and it is time for her to wake up. She smiles as she gradually awakes and stretches as her body is lifted into the air. She seems weightless and free from the Earth’s gravitational pull on her. She is free from the force of gravity that enables her to float freely and dance in midair. The ocean behind her, she kicks up sand and water as she dances. The elegant ocean waves swaying back and forth dance along with her. Even as she makes her tea and gets dressed, she dances as a free spirit, with no worries to bring her down. She dances in the meadow and is curious and in awe of the beauty of nature that surrounds her. She picks flowers and dances towards around a particular tree in the woods. The tree with its monstrous trunk and stretched out limbs, bears a gaping hole in the trunk. She slides her gentile hands across the bark of the tree and looks in awe of the splendor of this tree. The hole within in the tree beckons her closer. Curiosity ensnares her and she falls into the hole. She falls down through the hole of the tree which becomes a subway tunnel. She is scared. Gravity is pulling her down and she doesn’t realize where she is when she lands in a dumpster. She climbs out onto the ground where a man approaches her and places both hands on her shoulders. He slowly brings her down to the ground and her appearance changes. Her pink dress turns black and shoes appear on her feet. She tries to free herself from the ground, but with no luck. She tries desperately to free herself from the gravity of the earth. This makes her worry and fear even more that she won’t be able to find a way to become free again. She tries jumping up and down and even goes as far as to electrocute herself to possibly become free again. In the end, she realizes she can’t float again or be free. She surrenders to defeat of gravity and she walks among the other grounded people.

  20. charlotte says:

    The stop motion video “Gravity”, was like an adventure for my mind. I absorbed the images, the movement, the story, and the emotions as much as possible but every image set off a spark in my mind. When I could not concentrate on taking in the content, for brief moments I would let my mind think about the previous images. In these brief moments in my mind I pondered questions of and took note of things I did not want to forget about so that I could comment on them soon after. The most obvious questions were “How was this accomplished?” and “what is happening in the story?”. I have an idea about the answers to these questions but I will have to ponder them further before I make up my opinion. But my notes to self are much more clear and exciting so here they are.
    I thought that too much time was spent simply frolicking. I am very impressed with the model’s ability to show such clear emotion in her facial expressions while she was focusing on her body’s position jumping in mid-air. I was blown away by her ability to pose consistently and specifically to the artist’s vision in a jump. I had more thoughts but we ran out of time in class.

  21. Austin says:

    Watching the video I went through an evolution of thoughts. At first I found myself taken in by the music and the stop-motion quality of the video. For at least the first min of the video I didn’t even think about a story line but just focused on the technical aspects that when into the video. It really wasn’t until the women fell down into the tree that I started to piece together a story: Mother Nature wakes up on the beach of life from which all things were born. She experiences a dance with nature which is symbolic of man’s experiences with the natural world. The different clothes she tries on is an evolution of primitive fashion made from the earth. The tree she gets sucked into is symbolic of the primitive hut. The primitive hut is the idea that all buildings of the modern world derive from a basic desire to protect one’s self using structure. This structure however is damaging to Mother Nature and the industrialization of the earth causes Mother Nature to become suppressed and grounded by the actions of man. She tries to re-invent herself through the shock value of the modern world, using the train tracks to shock life back into her, but this fails. In the end Mother Nature is left broken and an unwilling servant in the modern world.

  22. Hayley says:

    While watching this video I immediately noticed it was meant to convey some sort of message, and I wanted to figure out just what it was trying to express. I watched carefully, trying to piece it all together. Usually, short films such as this one have some sort of story to tell within, some not always with a hidden message, but not exactly straight forward either. At first, I was lost; I had no idea where they were going with the film. The girl was in a very soft looking bed, the sheets all white. I noticed she took sea water and mixed it with what was said to be tea. They showed her drinking it. They showed her trying on many different outfits and she chose a very natural toned easy going type dress. She also tried on any different types of shoes, which she eventually kicked off and went barefoot. She was on a beach, in a meadow and also a forest, all very beautiful. I think all of these aspects pointed to purity, natural, life and freedom. I think the kicking off the shoes was an important part of the message delivery. I think it expressed freedom and natural very well. I think the drinking of the salt water; tea mix was also a way for them to show purity, life and nature. They came the part where she fell down the tree, into a subway tunnel and into a dumpster. She was in a city alley, and we quickly pushed down by a man in all black. She was changed into an all-black business type dress with black shoes. She began trying to leap into the air once more like she was able to before, to flow like she had, but was unable to for more than a second or so. She tried other methods, but when nothing worked, she gave in and conformed to everyone else. They showed her walking with the crowd of people that were literally identical from one another. I think the message behind this video was about conformity, and how the world we live in takes away from the purity, naturalness, freedom and the beauty of nature and life. I feel they are trying to express that conformity dulls a person and there is so much beauty in being an individual

  23. Zak Alford says:

    To be honest, the first thing I thought of was the lovely character shown earlier in the semester who described the exciting car crash. “Reality hits you hard, bro”. For me the entire video was really just an escape from reality into the realm of dreams where any thought becomes reality, and any form of this reality can melt and blend into one another to forcefully make sense.

    This also reminds me of my own personal dreams; I tend to dream in segments that blend from one to another as though an awful movie director were in my head. What I dub “dream logic” always confuses me when I wake up, but my suspension of belief just immediately takes over and lets me accept everything shown to me, much like this short film. I mean, realistically, how many people have you seen attempt to shock themselves and have nothing bad happen to them?

  24. Charles Murphy says:

    Since the video was called Gravity, my line of thought throughout the video dealt with gravity. At first, the woman is just sleeping on the beach as a new day starts. The world looks bland and dreary and then as she gets up, she jumps up and appears to no longer be under the effect of gravity. She is free to float throughout the world and experience the essence and beauty of nature as she pleases. She wears whatever she wants and is living out dreams of doing the simple things in life, such as exploring beaches and fields. But, eventually, she comes crashing back down which is analogous to the saying, “What goes up must come down.” Gravity in this video is like a metaphor for troubles in your life pulling you down. It will always be there but it will only pull you down if you let it. Everyone is free to jump from gravity, or plight, and float, or be free, for a while.

  25. Ben says:

    The video is clearly about a free-spirited woman, who is somehow burdened. She starts by waking up on a beech and then gets dressed. She tries on many outfits, and decides to go with a dress and no shoes. Then she travels through the world, until a man in a suit brings her down (literally and figuratively). The man in the suit can represent various scenarios, people or events. My first thought when she encountered the man was her being raped by the man, as he brought her down to her knees. I then realized that it could be any situation, from a work environment to a personal environment that brought her down. Afterwards, she tried to get over the situation and be free again, but failed. What happened to her was too much to get past and she would never be the same again.

  26. Todd O'Brien says:

    While watching this video I assumed that it would have some sort of message to convey but I honestly didn’t focus on that, but rather focused on exactly how the video was taken. I knew that it was a step motion production but I began to focus more on the details of the recording. I thought about how they kept the camera still, how they determined how high she had to jump each time, and also how she was able to figure out how to consistently jump to the same height in the same way. I also got distracted during the video by thinking about the sound quality in the classroom. I liked the soundtrack to the video and thought that the speakers in the classroom were pretty good. By the end I figured I would think about a meaning and what I came up with is that it was a dream. I can relate it to my dreams because they have a similar structure, all over the place. She seemed to move from scene to scene with no real connection in between and that is something that definitely happens in my dreams. So overall I got some meaning out of the video but mostly thought about the process that went into making it. In my opinion it was well done.

  27. Amir Shah says:

    I see a woman who is going about her day with the ability to levitate. For the first few minutes it appears that nothing substantial is happening and all I can think about is how much effort was put into getting all of these shots. That woman’s legs must have been sore the next day.
    For a while it seems like there is no point to this video but then the girl is sucked into a tree and thrown into reality where she is grounded in every respect except for her hair. I think this signifies her desire to levitate again, free of gravity’s pull but no matter hard hard she tries she cannot.
    I think its a little bit ironic that she was sucked into a tree that took her life away because normally trees are thought of as a source of life.

  28. Lauren says:

    At first I did not understand the meaning of the video, but I did get a sense of freedom from watching it. She woke up, brewed tea (from seawater, which was odd), got dressed, and just explored different environments around her. It didn’t even seem to matter that she was alone. However, once she made it to what would be considered the “real world,” she was forced to conform. I thought it was especially interesting that she was literally forced to the ground by a man, who’s face we do not see. I assumed that he knew nothing about her, but wanted to stifle the individuality and freedom anyway, just because it didn’t “fit.” By the end of the video, it was actually really sad because she couldn’t get back to that freedom, and eventually you see her walking with a group of people in black clothes, having lost that freedom and individuality that she had in the beginning. Being grounded made her like everybody else, and she was clearly unhappy with the new way of life.

  29. Jason L says:

    As the video begins, the alarm clock signals the woman to wake up in a literal and metaphorical sense. Once she rolls out of her mattress, she becomes free; hovering around and changing clothes at will. This denotes a huge sense of freedom. After she floats around the forest and settles into a tree, the scenery shifts from natural to urban as she falls backwards through what appears to be a subway tunnel. She reappears in a much less fantasized world of brick buildings and dumpsters; her dress changed to a black business-appropriate one and her bare feet covered by a pair of flats. With this conforming attire comes the loss of her free spirit and her powers. The man who caused all this is dressed for business and is representative of the corporate world. In a desperate attempt to regain power, our heroine clips two leads on and runs a current across her body. Though this doesn’t work, her individuality is restored by her standing-up hair.

  30. Javier Fuentes says:

    This video made me think about the freedom we all have, especially the innocence and naivety of childhood. As the woman began her day, she was free from all physical constraints, free to do everything and anything that she wanted to do. Then, in a blink of an eye, she loses this freedom as she realizes that she must conform with what society demands. Society’s demands placed the weight of gravity on her shoulders, becoming a heavy burden and limiting her creativity. This reminded me of the fact that as a young adult, it is critical that I realize that society requires me to be a part of the workforce, the career being probably the only thing I have freedom in choosing.

  31. Jordan Duvall says:

    While watching the video I tried to remain objective. Often, videos like this do not reveal their purpose until the ending. The climax of short films like these tend to be at the end, where the film delivers a twist, or the final message. In this video, my assumption was correct. The importance of the video resides in the change, from a free spirited individual to one who is grounded, now, to the real world. Though the situation changes, the spirit still wishes it was free, attempting numerous times to revert to its previous state of freedom. This message is not generally one about conformity or being held down, but it is about the harsh reality that, though as children we dream of walking the stars, many, if any at all, will never do so. Dreams are for the night, when you are deep in thought, free to roam. Come day, the age of maturity, we must walk a line of reality, and realize that we are not special among the billions of people exactly like us.

    Though we all dream one day we might be super heroes, and millionaire playboys, and giving up those dreams may be difficult, we eventually settle into our average lives, content with satisfactory conditions.

  32. David Park says:

    While watching the video, I was first confused with the initial setting of a woman lying on a bed at the beach. I assumed it was going to be a strange surreal presentation of a message, which in a way it was but it reached far deeper levels than I had expected. I was momentarily distracted by the stop-motion techniques of the video of seeing a woman floating. But, as the video progressed, I found myself entranced by the woman freely defying gravity and happily flying wherever she pleases. The first half of the video was very colorful and bright and everything about the settings were natural and “soft”. When the woman fell into the hole of reality through the tree, she landed on a “hard” setting of concrete and bleakness. She was pushed down by a man and forced to conform to society’s expectations of what a woman of her age should do. She lost her imagination and ability to “fly” despite repeated attempts on her own. This seems to present the message that once you become tainted by reality of the world, you cannot escape back to nature and free imagination but always shackled by your perceived limits and fear.

  33. Lisa Silverman says:

    I found this video to be an interesting depiction of gravity. It displays a woman’s day as she lives without gravity. While I was watching the video, I paid attention to my thoughts. When I saw the word “gravity,” I initially thought about how gravity is due to the force that attracts objects to the earth. The video then dispalys a woman waking up and I thought about how I wished that i had an alarm clock that would dance to wake me up and how I wish that I was at the beach too. When the woman appeared to hover above the earth’s surface due to low gravitational force, i thought that about how my favorite superhero power is flight and invisibility. When the woman fell into a tree, I thought that the woman was going to meet a rabbit with a top hat like in Alice in Wonderland. My conclusion to the analysis of this stream of consciousness is that as I watched the video, my mind kept wandering back to familiar experiences and thoughts applicable to my life.

  34. Calvin says:

    I thought that the video was extremely interesting. I liked the stop-motion techniques used to create the video, and I felt the style of music uses in the background was perfect for the situation. While watching the video, I didn’t see nor did I look for any kind of message the video may have been trying to convey. Having this being the first time I have watched it, I suppose I simply wanted to enjoy the art of the video without trying to extract some sort of purpose from it. I thought the photography in the video added to the aesthetic of it, a large aperture lens being used to being the subject of the film into focus and everything else being faded out. Overall, I enjoyed the visual aspects of the video more than anything, the technical artistry of its production having more of an effect on me than some sort of moral that may have been present in the plot.

  35. Mark says:

    Initially i thought this video was an attempt by a filmmaker to produce a piece that was at the same time artistic and abstract. I found the entire concept confusing and could not help but dislike this piece. However, when I thought back to the title “Gravity” I suddenly saw another side of this piece that I had originally missed. It is about freeing ourselves from the pressures around us so that we can truly appreciate all that this world has to offer. It is about not being weighed down by all of the obligations that we have, and it reminds us that we all need to take a step back and just enjoy what is around us. The actress in this was secondary to the scenery and what these settings portrayed. I found myself wishing I was hiking through a forest or on a mountain bike ride where you forget everything except your immediate surroundings. I found the message to be refreshing and enjoyable even though I thoroughly disliked the medium. I found the film style to be an annoyance as I tried to watch and I think it ultimately detracted from the overall experience.

  36. Dennis Sanchez says:

    At first I was not aware of the theme of the video. I thought it was a promotion for a clothing store because she kept changing between outfits. Then when she fell down the tree hole and couldn’t levitate no more, I realized she was in a dream world, but now she is in the real world. Having a hard time to adjust, she still tried to levitate but was unsuccessful. I understand the title Gravity. In the dream world she was care free, able to levitate freely; but in the real world, no longer was she free, but conformed to reality.

  37. Doug says:

    As I watched this video, the first thing I thought about was the technique used to capture it. I knew it was stop time animation with the main character jumping in between frames, but then I started to think about how much work it must have been to capture all those individual frames. Then I thought about for this three minute video, how many frames must have been captured, and once I started thinking about that, I realized that for every good frame there must have been at least three or four bad frames captured too. Then I started thinking about how many times the actress must have had to jump to get this video made. So I thought she must have some very strong calf muscles because that must have been a lot of jumping!

    By the time I had stopped thinking about all of this, the video was half over. But then something else interesting happened! The scenery changed, and I started to think about the cinematography involved. The director wasn’t a simple artist with a point and shoot camera and an idea; a lot of time and effort was put into finding the right locations to shoot this entire short film. Because of this, the final product ended up being better than the sum of its parts. By the time I had finished thinking about all of these things, the video was over and I began to fully appreciate what the deeper meaning of the video was: it’s all about escaping the confines of your life and doing whatever your heart desires.

  38. Danielle Jeter says:

    In the beginning, I didn’t know what to expect of the video. I thought the dancing clock was cool and then realized that she was in the air the whole time. I found myself thinking more about the way the film was made then what it actually meant. It was clearly shot in frames or individual pictures put together to music. After I stopped thinking about how it was made, I thought more about its meaning. Everything about the video screamed freedom. She was out in these open spaces all alone. It started off with her sleeping (in your sleep, your mind has the power to wander wherever it chooses). She was near the ocean that extends farther than we can imagine and is the home to infinite life forms. She moves on to an open feild. She is changing her clothes as many times as she wants until she is happy with the outfit. Then she gets sucked into real life or corporate life. Everything from that point on is forced upon her: the clothes she wore, the man that pushed her to the ground, the fact that she couldnt fly anymore. I symbolizes all the pressure put on people to work and provide for themselves and their families. There is a pressure to go to school and enter into this life that the woman ends up trapped in.

  39. Renée says:

    The majority of the time I was thinking about my classmates thoughts and reactions. Sometimes people find things to be very fascinating when they are alone but in effort to confirm to society they laugh it off. These types are important to visualize the world in a different light by opening up your eyes to something new. Learning about people through videos like this or different interpretations of art is important to be able to understand who you are. Some may think videos like this are odd but it is not so. It is normal to come across odd things everyday. It is our interpretation of these things that are important. Nothing is weird, we should just be open and accepting to new things. So many have thought or inspired to do things like this video but for some reason never do. I liked it. Gravity in a sense is so limiting. That man is so limiting. Why couldn’t she be free to go and do as she wished. She is happy, she is not conforming but at the same time maybe she is escaping reality. Gravity exist and you can still be free/independent. Is she living life? I feel the most free when flying on a plane maybe its the travel or being up in the sky.

  40. Siani Wong says:

    When I first saw this video I imagine that is what I looked like whenever I had to wake up really early in the morning. Then as the video progress I noticed she was floating or levitating in the air, which I thought was super cool. Then I thought about how they were able to make it and I realized that the actress was probably jumping and someone was taking pictures. As I kept watching her levitate, I was trying to understand what the message was of the video because at first it was some woman going about a day, doing whatever she wants, and seems to be enjoying herself because she always had a smile on her face.
    After she got sucked down into the tree and seem to be falling down some sort of subway, things got darker. She eventually ended up in a garage dump and I thought how gross that is. When a random man came out of nowhere to push her down, she changed out of her colorful clothes into something that was just plain black.
    When she tried to go back to her state of levitating, she kept failing. Then I thought the message had something to do with taking a step into the real world, where you are not free to do whatever you want.

  41. alexander slafkosky says:

    My opinion on the “Gravity” commercial was one of confusion. Granted the thought of floating around is pretty sweet, not to mention a totally different experience. The actual idea and direction of the short video is an open ended interpretation. I saw a female floating through life, being happily unaware (or wholly aware of the more important things?) then being awoken to harsh reality that is the world. I initially couldn’t get over the repeated shots in the same place because, to me it didn’t add anything. I did NOT find it awesome (in the actual use of the term i.e. inspiring awe) because I couldn’t relate to what she was doing with her freedom from gravity. I would imagine that I would fly like a bird, not slowly stop and touch the things I could already touch while on the ground. That feeling of unpowered flight would create awe for me.

  42. Daniel says:

    Right, so I watched this thing and to be perfectly honest, I had a very simple “WTF” reaction for the first minute and a half. Then I realized that the video was 3:50 minutes and decided that maybe there was more to it. My next thought was that there was no way that she was actually floating (I have some great deductive powers, right?) and questioned why the producers would make something so clearly imaginary. I then proceeded to think back to my childhood. I thought about that game “don’t touch the lava.” You know the one. Where some part of the floor is considered lava and you can’t walk on that part or you’re out. Seriously, people, this woman would dominate that game. She’d never lose! She can FLOAT!
    Finally, our teacher asked us to write our thoughts on the video and I realized that I didn’t have a single profound thought throughout the entire 3:50 minute duration of the short film. I’m not sure what to make of this. Perhaps I’m not as creative as everyone else out there. Maybe no one else had a profound thought either, and all these posts are just people making up their feelings after the fact to satisfy the requirements of this blog post. But really? A woman floating around for roughly 2 minutes, then being sad that she can no longer do this for another minute and half. Call me closed minded, but that’s just stupid. And please don’t tell me: “It’s a metaphor for some deeper meaning.” Well, okay, maybe it is a metaphor…maybe the video describes the journey of life, where a child has this vivid, wonderful, boundless interpretation of the world around him. Maybe then as life progresses, the child loses this blissful ignorance and comes to realize the realities around him. Maybe this video is a metaphor. You might tell me that. But then again, I might just tell you that you’re stupid.

  43. Michael Schaffer says:

    This video is about freedom, and how it gets lost as one ages and takes on more and more responsibilities. When the video began, the woman seemed almost as if she had no control over her life or where she would end up. We watched her struggle when she tried to control the bed and the teapot, and watched her rapidly switch between many different possible clothing combinations. As the video progressed, she seemed to take charge of the situation and begin actively exploring rather than passively being taken from place to place. This was most pronounced when she tried to enter the tree, and the consequence was her being thrown into a confusing and terrifying fall before landing in the dumpster. Clearly against her will, we saw the man take her freedom forcefully by pushing her into the ground and changing her outfit to black corporate attire. By his clothing and hers, we can infer that this is a metaphor for conforming to the corporate world. She begins to experiment with her new situation, trying and failing to regain the freedom she once had but always “falling back to earth.” Her last attempt at escape is attempting suicide at the train tracks, but even this last ditch attempt at control fails and she ultimately has no choice but to follow the man into conformity.

  44. Andrew Gao says:

    I suppose I simply am not artsy enough to see a culminating picture behind the scenes of this video. Even just putting a story behind the character is a bit of strain to me. Instead all I could think about was the low frame rate — even for a stop-motion film — and the effort it must have taken to get all those photos. I also considered the character and thought that she must have some sort of super power that lets her propel her through the air.

    The story I got from the video was one of a woman from a different world where the laws of nature are not the same as they are on Earth who enters a portal (the tree) to our world and slowly loses her ability to fly and becomes just another human on Earth.

  45. Leah Krombach says:

    At the beginning of the video I felt really tired since the video was of a women sleeping on beach. This made me miss home and the times I use to lay off the beach an fall asleep in Los Angeles. When the clock started moving around my mind jumped to Star Wars and how Jedis can use the force to make things float. This made me think of the super bowl commercial where the little kid was dressed up as Darth Vader and turned the car on using what he thought at the time was the force. Really hi parents just turned the car on for him. I hate football such a lame sport and so boring. I like playing sports not watching people playing them. Well except in the Olympics. Watching USA in swimming or figure skating is awesome and so much fun. I feel like there is a stigma in America that watching sports in a male thing and the Olympics is a whole world thing where both females and males can watch. OOO those green trees look like apples color. I’m kind of hungry. I ate so much at the wedding last night but I haven’t really eaten today. I don’t know what I am going to do about my exam later. Weird they took that woman’s power away to fly. It was all stop motion anyways. Oh I see where this is going. She wants to be different from corporate America but she can’t be. She goes to such lengths to try to be different but fails. Kind of a depressing video. I thought it was going to be about space or something with a title like gravity but I guess it’s just propaganda.

  46. John Flester says:

    Artistically, I rather enjoyed the video – the stop-motion techniques were fairly advanced and you could tell a lot of time was spent working on the video.
    However, for me the video also held a philosophical double entendre. In one scenario, there was the aspect of conformism and how the woman started out free of gravity and was floating around and feeling carefree but was then repressed by a man (representing society, “the man”, what is generally thought of as corporate mindset) who held her down and the freedom was suddenly gone. But the woman fought back, trying to float again, trying to gain that freedom back – which she could not fully do. She regained her freedom to a degree as shown by when she is walking down the street with her hair sticking straight up and billowing around.
    The second scenario, I found, was a more feminist/sufferage type display where it was the classic woman versus man. Though admittedly this viewpoint is not as strong as the conformist view.
    Personally I also felt the video to be too abstract at the beginning and i spent the first half of the video wondering why all this nonsense was going on. And it wasn’t until the man appeared that some semblance of a higher meaning was apparent.

  47. Min Gu David Kang says:

    I see a stop motion animation which, as always, has low frames for second. I usually enjoy watching stop motion animation but the video was too long and gave me a headache. Unfortunately, I was not impressed with the video either.
    It first starts as life of a girl who appears to be extraordinary. However, as she falls she simply becomes an ordinary girl. The fall may imply the common way people wake up from their dream. In my point of view, this video was about a girl who denies the fact that she is back to the reality from her sweet dreams; hence the last word on the video “gravity”.

  48. Nicole says:

    As the video began, it seemed that it was going to simply follow through routine practices of the day. This would include things such as the daily struggle of getting out of bed on time, getting dressed, and ready to start the day. However, I found that the video continued on a much deeper path. To me, it seems that the women in the video is struggling with something inside of her, and is attempting to go on with her life, carrying this burden. I think the idea of using gravity, or a floating individual, symbolizes the fact that this is not how she prefers to see herself. It seems that every day, she gets ready to face another grueling day, and is generally living from day to day. I am making the guess that she was abused in some way. Through the portion of the video there seems to be a man strangling her, and she in turn falls to the ground. The end of the video seemed to confirm my thoughts that she is not happy with herself, or the life she is living. She electrocutes herself (or attempts to), which is something that normal individuals do not think of. Many times when people decide to harm themselves, it is because they are attempting to take away some type of pain. At the end of the video, she is walking along with other people. This, I think, symbolizes how she is just floating though life. Overall, I see an abused woman, who is hurting so deeply inside, that she is not actually living her life. Instead, all she is doing floating through.

  49. Jack says:

    It was really loud at first. I didn’t really look at the video as a metaphor for anything, I got tired of looking at symbolism in high school. The stop motion is pretty cool. Still don’t know how the clothes were just disappearing. Concentrating on the video was somewhat hard and sometimes I found myself thinking about how I was supposed to be watching it instead of actually watching the video. There was probably supposed to be some symbolism with the electric thing but if there was any electricity she could have never put the second one on, the ground and the first jump wire would have electrocuted her as soon as she put it on. Also that’s not how you make tea and the tea in the container looked like sand. It was a cool video though it had very little meaning to me, maybe because it was about a woman? That’s all I really took away from the video, I feel like I screwed up this assignment but I’m not feeling that great right now (pathos!!!). I spent a lot of the video wondering what I was supposed to be thinking about and maybe not thinking about the video.

  50. J. Mondragon says:

    The video is interesting. It has a touch of illusion on how we want to escape from this regular and boring world. It also shows that we are limited to do certain things in a normal and regulated society. For example, the girl in the video wants to keep on jumping and moving around freely after she enters the city. However, she can’t because it is not a normal thing to do in a normal society. Another way to see this idea is to say that in the city is when reality really hits (in this case gravity), and that nothing is as easy and nice as it seems. In the forest, it can be as a free life where reality is far away from us, and that gravity doesn’t affect us. Generally the video presents how the human mind to escape from reality and not be aware of the surroundings.

  51. Emily O. says:

    When the video began, it made me think about waking up in the mornings after staying up late and how surreal it feels. Especially if I spent the previous evening studying, the mornings are foggy and I feel as though I am watching myself get ready for school instead of actually doing it. The actress appeared bewildered when she first woke up and realized where she was. She attempted to climb back onto the mattress but was unable to stay grounded. When I wake up tired, this is how I feel; I want nothing more than to go back to sleep, but the day’s obligations prevent me from doing so.
    As the video progressed, it seemed as though the actress lost more and more of her independence. She tried to explore her surroundings, (which were beautiful and natural settings), but was sucked into a more dismal reality after doing so. The city she was transported to was much darker in appearance than the the fields, beaches, and forests she was previously in. Her attire was forcefully changed and her ability to float above ground was taken away. Perhaps the video was a metaphor for how as time progresses, we lose our independence and our ability to explore. Our world becomes less imaginative and we subsequently become more grounded.

  52. Jessica says:

    I thought that the video clip was interesting; it showed a woman free from gravity, she was free to do whatever she wanted and she looked extremely content doing it. Later on, we see that she falls into a hole into this other place, which reminded me much of Alice in Wonderland. In this place, gravity is holding her down and she is no longer “free”. She is no longer floating about and no longer looks content, she wishes for what she had when she was not held down by gravity. In this new place, the type of clothes that she wears is much different. First we see her in more flowing clothes that look more bohemian with color, but once she is tied down by gravity her clothes change. Her new clothes are very sophisticated and professional and is not expressive of who she is. Her clothing is black and she seems to blend in with everyone else. I think the clip had a great message, it shows that society makes us conform and at times it constrains us.

  53. Anika Ross says:

    My mind was racing throughout bunch of different aspects of the video. When she was first waking up, I was thinking that was basically how miserable I look in the mornings. As the clock was highlighted, I thought out Dali’s paintings with melting clocks, because he is my favorite artist. The whole video seemed to have a very trippy feel that matched with his artwork. When she was getting dressed, I was thinking about my own routine this morning and how I am always rushed and trying on a million different shoes. I thought it was interesting that she ended up barefoot, and I think that was meant to show her free spirit. As she started to do ballet moves, I thought of how I did ballet as a child, and how it would have been really interesting if I was still involved in ballet because it seems so out of character for me. Then, the scene where she was in a forest and seemed to be near a “tree of life” symbol I thought this giant tree that was in the middle of the compound I stayed in during my trip to Honduras last summer. I think the fact that this symbol of nature took her to a very modern city was a drastic juxtaposition of the two side of her world. I also thought immediately of Alice falling down the rabbit’s hole and this reference to Alice in Wonderland also added to the whimsical feel of the video. I really didn’t like when she was confronted by the man and her dress turned to all black. I felt as if she was almost being violated by his condescending body positioning and it was an upsetting image.

  54. Chris L says:

    While watching the video, I was really quite befuddled the entire time. I could not help but think during the entire opening scene of how sleeping on the beach would be a terrible idea as sand gets everywhere. The entire concept of the women floating was interesting; it was a neat idea but I could not figure out how they managed to create that illusion of her floating. I am guessing that they used video editing software and creating that illusion of floating resulted in, or compliments the stop-gap animation. The whole video was just one non-sequitor after another and it was quite surreal. I have never been any good at interpreting surreal artwork and so I did not dwell on any deep meaning that that video may portray, I just took it as it is and enjoyed watching it. Towards the end it became quite confusing as suddenly she is in a city and a random fellow forces her to the ground and dresses her in black. She then finds she cannot float anymore and electrocutes herself (?). I am guessing this is some sort of nature versus city metaphor, as she looked happy during the scenes with the beach and woodland background but sad while in the city, but this is just conjecture.

  55. Chris B. says:

    While watching the video my thoughts kept bouncing back and forth between unrelated ideas prompted by different segments of the video. At first I noticed the video was stop-motion photography and I thought that it must have taken a long time to take all of the pictures needed for the video. Then I was reminded of my life as a sleep deprived college student when the woman’s alarm clock went off and actually started moving around in order to wake her up. When I saw she lived on a beach I started thinking about how I would love to go to the ocean soon and maybe live there. But then she started drinking sand as tea and I thought about how gross that would be to actually drink.

    At this point, I started wondering what the point of this video was. She started changing her clothes a lot so I wondered if it was a really artsy clothes commercial. But it became obvious as the video progressively became more abstract that there wasn’t any commercial purpose behind it. Of course, then I noticed she was flying all the time and I became jealous and thought about how cool it would be to fly too. When the scenery began to change, I thought about how much I’d like to visit each of those beautiful locations, and when she hugged the tree in the forest I chuckled and called her a “tree-hugger.”

    When she fell into the tree, the video started to creep me out. Once she landed in the city, I finally understood the purpose of the video was to express her freedom from “gravity” before ending up in the dreary city. All of sudden she went to electrocute herself and I thought, “Woah! Calm down; it’s not worth it.” I wasn’t expecting the video to become so morbid. And then her hair became like Frankenstein’s bride and the movie ended. All in all, the movie just seemed kind of strange and made me realize how ADD I must be.

  56. Sara Bishop says:

    When I first began to watch the video, I thought I would be able to figure out the message or meaning of the story immediately. In the first scene, I watched her alarm clocking ringing and the only thing I could think about was how I need to get my alarm clock back form my boyfriend because I hate waking up in the morning to my cell phone alarm. As the woman rose out of bed, I just thought about how strange it was that she was not wearing pajama bottoms and why the director of the video would want her to be floating in the air without any bottoms on. Wasn’t she uncomfortable? Then, I realized her surroundings. There was not another soul on the beach. I immediately thought about my spring break and how I would hopefully being laying on the beach without a care in the world in a few short days. After I had this thought, I remembered I was supposed to be paying attention to the video and its message.
    As the woman ran all over the beach, I thought how care free she must feel. The next scene in the woods, simply made me focus on her surroundings. She was ‘weightless’ in these natural spaces without any worries, other people, or materials by human design. As she was transported to the city, it felt that she felt the force of gravity. She had the negative force of humanity, represented by the city pushing her down. The film began looking at her putting shoes on and off; this is when I began to notice that she had been bare foot in the previous scenes. She is being confined by civilization and at the end I felt her spirit for life being lost on the train tracks as she tried to shock herself. At the end, I felt a sad sense of conformity as she walked with identical men following her.

  57. Melissa says:

    When the video first started I was confused because everything began to jump around. First the clock started moving, and then the woman and she stayed in the air. Since the woman never had her feet on the ground I began thinking about how they created the video and how much work it must have been for the woman. As she made tea and changed through several different outfits and began dancing through the woods I became more confused.
    When she fell through the tree and into the dumpster I started to understand and I also wondered what the title of the video was. As she climbed out of the dumpster and the man forced her to stand on the ground I thought about how the tone of the video had changed from the carefree beginning with the happy, floating, dancing woman in the middle of nature to a woman who is stuck on the ground in the middle of the city. At the end when I saw the title I thought that it made sense and pulled the video together.

  58. Pyae says:

    First of all, the video leaves a lasting impression on me. This fantasy experience is captured using static images(play and pause) instead of a seamless streaming of images. That reminds me of the philosphy is that the origin of movement is the static which is far more powerful in conveying its message. The woman was woke up by the alarm which starts to defy gravity. At first, she was all confused. I was thinking that that’s the way of life, things hit us in the face whether we are prepared or not. But later, we got used to it, or even enjoy it. Those who find happiness in all these odd things survive and march on while those who give up fall down and wither. The question is to simply enjoy the ride or not.

  59. Alexandre Filie says:

    My impression of the film was that despite it being confusing, it was very well thought out and it made more sense by the end. At first, the message was not clear and it just seemed to be a girl having an unusual dream where there was no gravity and everything was a challenge for her. However, once I saw she wasn’t struggling being suspended I realized that this was more of a representation of her being free to do as she chooses. She could wake up whenever she felt and dress how she wanted. Being on the beach then in the woods was a representation of relaxation and tranquility, something that was completely gone when she fell to the city, my guess, and most people’s reality of life. She fell into being delegated by society and had to conform how everyone else was. She was no longer suspended in individuality and when she tried to suspend herself, she was pulled back down. Only when she gave herself an extreme rush was she able to suspend herself, but that is not the way to separate herself from society. I feel her attempt to shock herself is a representation of drugs people take to separate themselves from society. I feel the film is a representation of how people can maintain their individuality, but if they let themselves fall into or conform to society, people might be drawn to extremes to separate themselves from the norm.

  60. Irene says:

    The video “Gravity” begins with a woman asleep in the middle of a beach. The contrast between the white mattress, white bedsheets and her white dress against the almost infinite sand and the jolting movement of the clock immediately makes me associate the space with a dreamland.The woman wakes up and struggles with her bedsheets and the alarm clock that is literally running away from her. I interpret this as Julia’s struggle with time and her age. Julia moves throughout the rest of her day still suspended and seemingly elated until her interaction with a man who brings her back down to earth. Julia is fitted into a straight black dress and shoes and struggles with the environment around her. She’s forced to fit in and makes several attempts to get back to the dreamland where she’s allowed to remain suspended.

  61. Benjamin says:

    The video “Gravity” ended completely different from my first impressions and thoughts. At first, I believed that she was in a dream. It seemed obvious because she was asleep and the world was moving without her. Then when she started to defy gravity I was a little unsure what to make of it. She flew with such grace in a peaceful and serene environment. It made me think that she was in her own world where she governed her own rules. When she finally landed back with the rest of civilization she had to conform to the rest of social standards. She had to dress the way they dressed and followed their own rules. I thought she missed the old world she was in and wanted to go back.

    I could not help but think about how difficult this video must of have been to make if the whole time she was in the air. How much time did it take to film this video? Was it special effects or did they use thing strings to support her? However it was made it was very effective and left me in awe.

  62. […] Analysis of professional writing (audience, context, purpose) versus opinion-based writing: Escaping into a Memoir of Impressions […]

  63. […] Analysis of professional writing (audience, context, purpose) versus opinion-based writing: Escaping into a Memoir of Impressions […]

  64. Kathryn says:

    The video starting in a sort of confusing way. I think this is mostly because the film was so choppy. I found it a little hard at first to see what was going on because I was so distracted by the constant cuts. However, after the woman was dressed the video was a little clearer. She could float above the ground and she had a very strong connection with nature. After she fell down the hole, though, a man forced her onto the ground and she had to wear a tight dress and shoes. She found herself unable to float or fly again. She took desperate measures to try to float again but she was completely grounded. The video ended with her as just another face in the crowd. I think the video showed how our society is too restricting and too focused on the normal. The woman was blissfully happy and free in nature, but society forced her to the ground so she would fit in. I think it also shows how we, as a society, need to get back to nature to appreciate life more. Overall, though, I think the video was about how our society represses those that are different, even if the ones who are different have a better, happier life.

  65. Aaron says:

    I believe that the video is showing a woman who desires to be free from the daily stress of everyday life. She wishes to be able to wake up on the beach and be able to dress every day the way she sees fit. To me, gravity, in the video, represents reality and reality is constantly pulling her from a state of relaxation back to the daily routine of employment. Slowly, the woman enters different scenes of nature which seem to be far away from the congested city where she works. Everything seems like a dream until she finally comes to the ground dressed in business attire, and a man in a suit tries to hold her down. This man could represent a co-worker or a boss. The woman tries everything she can to fight having to return to routine, but it seems inevitable. At first the woman attempts to fight the fact that the alarm clock is ringing and it is time for her to wake up, but she realizes that there is nothing she can do, the gravity is too srong.

  66. Karina says:

    At the start of the video, I was looking for the message behind the abstract and surreal settings portrayed. As the video progressed, I saw that the woman and nature were one. In the outdoor settings, the woman is free and wild. She is jumping and running around with an expression that truly depicts that she is free and content. The different outfits that the woman wears are symbolic of the limitless possibilities of identities that she feels she can take on in a world that is free of society’s judgments, which is only possible outside of society’s constraints, in nature. As the video comes to a close, the woman is suddenly sucked out of her dream world and thrown into a city garbage can. This is done to symbolize that corporate life is like a piece of trash that rots at one’s soul and makes you repulsive and drab, just like the trash. In the end of the video, a man comes up to the woman and holds her down, He forces her to change into modern and drab clothing that match everyone else’s’ clothing. The woman tries to resist the attempts to conform but ultimately fails. The message that this video brought to me was very powerful. No matter how one tries to be a creative and free spirit, the modern, uniform, and corporate society will always force on to conform. One has simply two choices, to conform to society’s norms or to conform to society’s norms. This video really spoke to me about the near impossibility of being an individual in modern, conformist society.

  67. Tanya says:

    In “Gravity” it starts by seeing a woman who abandons her bed to live with the planet, she doesn’t need shoes or fancy dresses. I imagine this is a dreamland where you have no stress or worries and you just use your imagination to play with the earth and in turn the earth provides for you. She learns to feel so free here that she is literally floating, free of any stressors that make her stay grounded in the real world. When she eventually falls into the real world she is put in dark colors and is unable to float or enjoy her imagination or bond with nature. She wakes with a sense of loss; she now knows how it feels to be free of the rat race and tries to find the same euphoria in the real world with little luck. In the end she uses the jump-starter cables and I feel like she is trying to go back to the place of dreamland by putting herself to sleep for good. In the end she heads back to where she fell out of the dream with many other men in business suits, and I think the message is that many want out of the rat race. She was living life before this as people dictate that you should, go to school, get a job, find a husband, but she wasn’t truly happy but possibly didn’t really know that since she was a successful woman. The dream she had awakened her to a better, freer, happier way of life but she couldn’t find it in the real world and thus ended her life in order to stay there for all of eternity.

  68. Jamie says:

    This video was very interesting and difficult to interpret what they were trying to express. At the beginning, I thought the woman was having a dream as she was floating in the air above her bed, ignoring the sound of her alarm clock. As the video went on and she continued to float in midair, I came to realize she was imagining her perfect world. She was happy, wore many different clothes with bright colors, she was care free, she had her morning tea and could do what she aspired to do. She was smiling and having a good time. The creativeness in this video portrayed her as an adventurous care free young woman who felt she could do anything she wanted to do with no one stopping her. But when she fell into the dumpster and looked out of it like a deer in headlights when she finally “hit the ground” she didn’t know what to do. I comprehended this to mean that she has woken from her perfect world and reality has struck her. She has to start the real world as a working woman and can’t live her free life the way she is used to. She walks through the streets confused not knowing how she is supposed to live now. I am confused as to what the real message to this video is but I think its portraying her ideal world and the real world.

  69. Lara says:

    At first the video confused me. I did not know the context or the purpose, and for the first minute or so I was very focused on understanding what was going on and why she seemed to be living in a surreal world. Eventually, however, I became almost entranced. The idea that one could essentially float around, go wherever, and be surrounded by infinite beauty seemed like a dream; it seemed as if the character in the video was happy, without a care in the world. It seemed like she was living a life so many of us dream about. She lived without worry or fear; there was nothing to bring her down.
    Towards the end this changed, though, and she was sucked through a tunnel and landed in the garbage. After getting out, she found herself in different clothing, all black and dreary, and a man dressed in a plain and ordinary suit took her by the shoulders and pushed her to the ground. She was stuck in a concrete world; she could not get back off the ground and float through the forests and beaches. As hard as she tried she was trapped, and ultimately joined the mass of suits walking in sync.
    Suddenly I was reminded of the burdens of real life, the pressure to conform and be “successful” in the way society dictates. I was reminded of my own dreams, those from my childhood as well as those I have now. I am not who I thought I would be when I was a child, and I am not where I thought I would be. Now, I have new dreams, new goals, and the reminder that these dreams my not be “practical” or “acceptable” in the real world frighten me. I do not want to be forced to do what everyone else is doing; I want to do what makes me happy. Watching this video made me fear that maybe I will not reach those dreams and will instead succumb to the pressure of making money and helping to advance a company. Above the fear, though, this video renewed in me a sense of passion and determination. I do not want to become the woman in the video. I want to fight the limits society places upon me and reach my dreams. I want to succeed, in my way, not the way society tells me to.

  70. Megan says:

    This video represents someone who is very unhappy or depressed about the confines of society. In the first scene, the female lead character is asleep on a mattress on the beach and the main focus of the camera is on the clock next to her. This represents her being lost in a dream (probably a pleasant one due to the fact that she’s on a beach) yet as society would have it, she’s still a slave to the clock. Towards the end of the scene she even gets physical with the clock because it’s telling her that it’s time to wake up yet she does not want to. She wants to sleep all day and relish her dream but the clock is her enemy. Once she is up, she struggles to find happiness in anything she does. Her clothes don’t fit right and she can’t decide what to wear. It appears as if she has somewhere to be but she does not want to get there anytime soon. She simply wants to float along, through scenes of nature, which seems to be the only thing that leaves her contented. When she is in the forest or on the beach, she can dance and move through the air as light as a feather. But then it comes time for her to go wherever it is she has to be and this requires jumping into the big black abyss of a tree trunk. She hesitates, as if she is having second thoughts but then she jumps in. Next, she is falling through different scenes in society – through a train station, into a warehouse, and then finally landing in a dumpster. A man has to help her out and puts her in a black dress with matching black shoes. These scenes represent her oppression; she enters society after her sweet dream world and is placed into conformity. It is dark and it is dreary and she is not happy. The final scene shows the character shocking herself on the electric train tracks. Only then is she different from everyone else. Only then does it seem like she can be her true self, even if her hair is sticking straight up and she has to walk along everyone else wearing the same things as everyone else. This short film says something about what society can do to individuals. Reality is harsh and so if real life and these truths can break people down so much that dealing with society is a struggle. People can lose their identity in this big bad world if they are not true to themselves as individuals, and this female character represents that phenomenon.

  71. Jessie says:

    I was pretty confused for most of the video. It was very unique and not what I was expecting. However, by the time the video ended, I was able to come up with my interpretation of it. I think that the scene in the beginning of her sleeping on the beach was a dream. She was really happy, playful, and full of life. She did not care that her alarm clock was going off; she just kept hitting it to make it stop. She then went on to try on a lot of different clothes and shoes that were all different colors. The lady did all this while still smiling and jumping around. However, the mood quickly shifted as she fell down the tunnel and landed in the dumpster. I took this event as her going back into reality. The man sat her down and changed her clothes to all black. She was very much conformed to the society around her and lost all her individualism. She was no longer the happy, carefree self she was earlier, in her dream. The lady lost her ability to jump and is forced to stay on the ground. I think the main message of this film is to prove that society inhibits your creativity and freedom and tends to weigh you down. Being able to dream and be free and expressive in nature is important as you go about your life in society.

  72. Michaela says:

    In “Gravity” I see a young woman in a dreamland. She awakes from a bed on a beach to find herself in the midst of natural beauty. She expresses her happiness, freedom and youth by frolicking in the water, playing dress-up, and expressing curiosity with her surroundings. In this world, she has no external pressure from society. She dresses as she pleases and feels comfortable in her skin. Her happiness and personality radiate with such fortitude that she is able to flit and float about her peaceful world. This dreamland acts as a metaphor for her youth, innocence, and creativity.
    Soon, the young woman falls through a hole in a tree in her dream world, and down a subway tunnel, to be deposited in a city trash receptacle. Frightened, she steps into this new world, filled with grey, and finds herself changed. She did not choose the clothes on her body or the shoes on her feet, but is forced to wear them in order to fit in with the expectations of this new world. The people around her push her to the ground, sending the message that in this world, creativity and individuality are not rights that you have. The young woman tries to find solace on rooftops and vacant spaces, where she attempts to float again and express herself, but finds herself unable. She is broken by the system, and feels herself growing older. She is now a young adult with responsibilities, and she is unable to escape to the time when she was younger, and free to be herself.

  73. Sydney Richards says:

    In this video, I see a woman who for so many years has felt isolated and alone – so alone that she feels like the only person in the middle of the desert. Then she finds someone who shares her thoughts and feelings and her world is turned upside down. It is a new awakening and, for once in her life, she is happy down to the core of her soul. She is completely overjoyed to finally be understood. In fact, this woman feels so light and unburdened by her previous issues, that she feels as though she is floating through life. Everything in her world is suddenly fascinating and she wants to explore it all with her new friend.

    Everything is going beautifully until her friend begins acting differently. He begins to shut her out and she rarely sees him anymore. When she does see him, he is with a new girl – one of the girls who works in his office with the tailored suits and manicured nails. When she confronts him, he tells her that things are different and that it is time for them to grow up and move on with their lives. She spirals into a period of depression because she finally realizes that once again, she is alone. She is forced to conform to the way of society and drag herself through each day, with no hope that she will ever find real happiness again.

  74. Christelle says:

    At first I thought that the video was about how people don’t utilize their time. I thought that the women in the video was being lazy and ignoring her responsibilities just as she was ignoring her alarm clock. However, the more I watched; I realized that the women floating because she had no responsibilities. She wore whatever she liked, drank water right out of the ocean, played in the forest full of trees. She wore bright and playful clothing. She was completely surrounded by nature and she left no carbon foot prints. Her existence was not in any way harmful to nature. Her surroundings were as colorful as her mood was. However, her curiosity got the best of her as she wondered a little too deep into the forest and fell into an unknown world. In this unknown world she became weighted down by responsibilities and society. Everything she did had to be what society expected from her. She had to dress the same, walk the same, and do everything the same as everybody else. This new world is grey and so is the mood of the people around her. She is no longer as happy and free as she once was. So she desperately tries to go back to her carefree days but her attempts are in vein. At the end she gives up on life altogether and loses her individuality. She becomes just another face in the crowd.

  75. Ashley says:

    After watching the video once, I am not sure if I can come up with a definite perspective of the video. Initially, I thought it was cool that the lady rose from her deserted mattress and began “flying”. She defied gravity and it appeared that she had no boundaries. When she began to flying to new areas (the beach, the woods, etc.), I thought that this was a typical day for the lady to explore her surroundings. For me, that symbolized happiness and adventure. The scenery in each setting was peaceful and only she was present in each scene. However, the video took a turn when she landed in a dumpster. It was abrupt. It was almost as if her dream world had ended and led her to reality. When she got out of the dumpster, it was her first interaction with someone else. It seems as though she didn’t like the “real world” and couldn’t adapt to the effects of gravity on her. Towards the end, I think she wanted to regain her boundless ability and tried different means. However, her last attempt with the electricity to rejuvenate her non-gravitational skills proved that in the real world, you can’t defy physics. Ultimately, I think the video symbolized one’s journey to stay true to self.

  76. Carrie says:

    The video “Gravity” is one that is very interesting and has a deeper meaning behind the initial first watch of the video. At first, the girl is very carefree and happy. She is living her on her own terms based on her own time. You can see how much she likes being able to float and defy gravity. She chooses when to get up, what to wear, and what to do with her day. As the video goes on, she changes. When she falls into the tree she is whisked away to a whole different dimension, one that is completely foreign to her. As soon as she is in this new dimension, a man who she doesn’t know grounds her. This is very symbolic of today’s society and how women are forced to fit in especially in the workforce. The man takes away everything that made her who she was. She lost her ability to float, her ability to be different and express herself through her clothing, and her connection to nature. She is transformed from wearing a colorful dress and being barefoot to wearing a form-fitting black dress with work appropriate black shoes. She tries and tries to find herself again but is unsuccessful which ultimately leads her to conform and march along with the other working men. The scenery completely changes from the beginning of the video to the end of the video. She is seen on a beautiful, peaceful beach and then in a vast, colorful meadow but ends in a drab and polluted city. “Gravity” is very easy to relate to as a woman because of the themes that are present such as man holding her back and her being forced to keep up with men while losing her sense of individuality. I am a strong advocate for women’s rights; therefore, this video evoked emotions in me such as sadness and realization/acceptance. In today’s society, this is what women have to do to be noticed and to be taken seriously. For example, the woman couldn’t be seen wearing her lacey dress in the workplace. I really enjoyed this video because of how strong the message portrayed was.

  77. Dorinne M says:

    While watching the video, I had many interpretations, but as the end of the video came along, I had a better idea of what the video l was trying to say. In the beginning, as the woman was waking up, I was thinking that she was struggling to control time, or time kept slipping away from her since she wouldn’t wake up, but my interpretation changed as I saw her actually get up out of bed and get ready.
    I thought that this commercial was very interesting. It shows the choking effects of conformity and how conformity is not a choice but it is in a sense forced. In the video, the woman was free when there was no one around to tell her what to do, and you can tell that she was happy. In the first scene where there are no rules to conform to, the scenery is peaceful and you can tell that she is isolated but happy. However, the scenery changes to a dark, gloomy city that is full of people when she is forced to conform to the rules of society. The woman is no longer happy and you can see it by the expressions that she makes. I am a bit confused by the scene when she puts her fingers in the battery terminal. I thought that it had two meanings: 1) She was trying to commit suicide because she didn’t want to conform to anyone anymore or 2) She was trying to do something that would make her stand out among all of the uniform people around her (trying to make her hair different). However, I enjoyed the video, it showed what happens when gravity sets in and reality takes over and how it affects one’s life. One could even say that this video represents one’s life, from childhood to adulthood, and how the “free to do all” feeling disappears as one approaches adulthood. So the video could be interpreted in many ways.

  78. Dominique says:

    While watching the beginning of the video, I felt like I was simply watching a woman in her dream world. The white mattress, white sheets, and neutral beach land seemed like an extremely peaceful getaway. I did, however, notice one thing out of place: her alarm clock. The item seemed oddly mechanical and hard amongst the softness of the background. When she woke up, she was lifted off the ground, no slave to gravity. However, it was extremely difficult for her to reach her alarm clock. It was at this moment I realized this video had a deeper meaning. She finally was lifted in the air, drinking her morning tea, and choosing amongst many outfits. The whole scenario represented a simpler way of life- the woman seemed basically care-free and able to do as she pleased. After the beach, she was shown dancing in the woods in the cream-colored dress she had chosen, very similar to the background color scheme at the beach. Then she transitioned into a forest, where she was examining a beautiful, huge tree. The video depicted one scene of nature after the next, each just as tranquil and aesthetically pleasing.
    However, after falling into a hole in the trunk of a tree, she found herself catapulted through what looked like a subway station, and into a dirty garbage dumpster. Her hair was disheveled, and the scenario, for the first time in the video, was not tranquil and aesthetically pleasing. It was here, upon getting out of the dumpster, that the woman came upon a man dressed all in black. The contrast was extremely evident, and his dark appearance in comparison to her angelic appearance made him seem like someone she should not associate with. This instinct was proved correct, for the instant she touched his hand, she was brought down to Earth, and her light, airy dress replaced with a tight, suffocating black one. Black shoes were placed upon her feet, and it seemed to me that the world’s gravity had somehow brought her down. This man in black had aided the process, along with the city she had been dumped into in the first place. After this event, she could no longer lift herself up, physically, but so it seems, also emotionally. The troubles of life had brought her down, and no matter where she went to try and reverse this process, reality sucked her back down.
    The video ends with her leading a pack of men dressed in black, and shows how the society of the city has already began to make her conform. No more trees, beaches, or forests for the woman to run free, almost like a child. She was now stuck in the structured, ugly city, with men in black to follow her down this road to reality. I think the video represents a much larger idea of life than I initially thought; the idea that reality and the struggles of life can bring us down. We are born and start off as innocent children, no cares or worries, until society brings us into what they think is right and logical. These men dressed in black represent society and reality, whereas before meeting them, the woman was free to roam in her own world of peace.

  79. Aisha says:

    In my opinion, this video illustrates the transition from the woman’s dream to her reality. The first scene portrays what the woman would like her life to be like and the latter scenes of the video depict what kind of life she is actually living. In the beginning, the woman is comfortably sleeping on a beach and when she awakes, she realizes that she can float in the air. Not only can she defy gravity, but she can defy the norms of society and escape the daily struggles of her life. She does not have to put in any effort to do everyday tasks, such as making her bed, making tea, and getting ready. Her bed is made by itself and a cup of tea glides right into her hand. She does not have to make the effort to put her clothes on because they just magically appear on her body. In the latter scenes of the video, the girl gets swept away from her dream on the beachside to her reality in the city. Here, she can no longer fly and can no longer escape the daily struggles of life. She ends up in a dumpster, which suggests the low quality of her lifestyle. In addition, she is faced by a stranger who causes her to be in fear. She is terrified and depressed with her real life. The woman wishes to go back to her carefree life and even tries to fly again. But her attempts fail. She can no longer escape her reality. She can no longer defy gravity.

  80. Andrew says:

    The video begins with a woman waking up in the early afternoon on an isolated beach. She is awoken by the alarm though she never actually turns it off. She then does normal, everyday activities – making her bed, pouring herself some tea, getting dressed – but she does this all while floating in mid-air. Though her floating seems incredible to us, she shows neither a sign of shock or elation nor do her activities after she begins to float seem abnormal, which leads us to believe that for her, this state of defying gravity is normal for her.

    On her journey, she starts out at a beach, where she spends time choosing the right outfit for the day, then she leaves to dance on a mountain and finally ends up in a forest. All of these locations share the characteristic of being isolated, but given the time shown on the clock, 2:30 (and presumably pm by the fact it is still daytime in her settings), it does not seem strange.

    While still in the forest, the woman spots a magnificent tree. She approaches it, staring in wonder and carefully explores its shape, finally gladly entering the hole at the base of the tree, only to be shocked by falling down through what seems to be a subway into a dumpster in the middle of a city. There she is met by a guy who finds her floating who approaches her, despite her shock, and carefully sets her down on the ground, which leads to her outfit changing from a more comfortable-looking, informal dress to a more formal outfit. She finally leaves to be electrocuted by the wires at a station.

    With this imagery, it leads me to believe that the woman is displeased with her real life and is tired of having other bring her out of her fantasy and into the “real world”. She wants to escape once again into her fantasy, even if by electrocuting herself.

  81. Steffani says:

    During the video, I was more focused on attempting to analyze the production of the short film instead of understanding its message or story. I knew the filmmakers created this by taking many sequential photograph stills and connecting them together like a flip book. But I was so absorbed in trying to figure out how they filmed the lady being airborne throughout and how she “fell” down the subway hole. I was, therefore, very confused. Only when the film reached the end, I finally was able to comprehend what happened, as the defining word “gravity” popped out as the title. To me, it seems like the lady was free, but naive. She was an adult (still young), yet she spent all her time sleeping on beaches and changing her clothes in mid-air. She was a bird without a home, seeming oblivious of reality, or maybe ignoring everything because she didn’t have to care; after all, couldn’t she do anything she wanted if she could defy gravity? But when the man approached her after she fell down the rabbit hole, it honestly seemed as though he was going to attack her. That could be representing the harsh reality that this world is not a safe place. This lady cannot sleep on the beach and run around the world by herself- there are predators. Maybe it’s because I’ve been following the news about a ten year old girl that was found dismembered after being kidnapped while walking to school that’s making me sensitive to this. Fortunately, the man just grounded her down, changed her cute, flowing dress into a black, sophisticated one, and gave her shoes. However, she was desperate to do what she had always done, which was defying gravity and defying living life the way everyone else was. Regarding the ending, I felt that the lady was scarred after being electrocuted from her attempts to defy the law. Her hair remained shocked up, representing, perhaps, her unhappiness? But she stayed on the ground.

  82. Matt M says:

    I see a woman who lives at the beach. She has no job, or a car/vehicle. Oh now she is traveling to the woods. She loves to do interpretive dancing. I’m not sure what she is interpreting. She might be on some sort of drugs. It is hard to see any meaning behind this as I am not very creative when it comes to weird things. I did like the part when she tried to jump start herself on the railroad tracks. It didn’t work; however, she might have had a pair of cables that were bad. She can pick some new cables up from NAPA auto parts and they should work. I suppose she also defied gravity, but then the man brought her back down to earth. Or back down from her drug fueled high. Now she can’t jump or do interpretive dancing. Maybe this video is supposed to be a interpretation of how this woman tries to go to another reality other than her own. Possibly she has problems in here everyday life that she tries to escape. Maybe all the pretty places in the beginning are where she’d like to be. Perhaps then the city scenes at the end are where she actually is. Her clothes also changed to a more professional attire. Her original dress seemed to indicate a certain degree of “freedom.” Maybe she longs to be a farmer and hates the city. It seems logical to me as the country is a much more beautiful and friendly place.

  83. Caitlin Orr says:

    The video depicts a woman who awakes in her bed on a beach, when her alarm clock rings. She then starts floating, uninhibited by the laws of gravity. She gets ready for a day as anyone would, with a cup of tea and trying several different outfits until she finds the perfect one. We then see her shift scenes to a desert and later a forest, which shows the beauty of nature. She is still floating and dancing throughout the different scenes. When she gets to the forest, she dances up to a tree and looks inside a large crack in it which she then squeezes into. Then she falls down the tree into a subway tunnel, and finally into a dumpster in a city. This scene vastly contrasts the previous ones because the city alley is dirty and dark. Her outfit spontaneously changes as a man gently pushes her to the ground. The stiff black dress reflects her change in scenery from the natural flowing dress she was wearing before. She seems scared and upset at her change in reality. She tries to get back to her gravity defying life by connecting herself with jumper cables to power lines in the city. It does not work, however because while her hair may be floating above her, her feet are firmly on the ground still in the dark city. She cannot change what has happened though she wishes to.

  84. Amanda McCann says:

    I see a woman sleeping in the dessert as time is passing. When she wakes up she goes through daily chores including making her bed and trying on different clothes to see what she wanted to wear that day. She is on a beach then travels to different places that most people have been to at least once in their life. Everything that was happening seemed carefree and the woman was enjoying every aspect of her life. She flew through every day activities happy to be alive and to have woken up that day. She went to many different places, but when she went to the city, a man held her down until her feet hit the ground. When she hit the ground, she could not fly anymore and her clothes changed to a neutral, boring color. The woman kept trying different ways to pick herself up to fly again, but all attempts failed. When she realized that she could not get herself to fly again, she got in line with all the other people in the city wearing neutral colors representing her losing her free will. This video clip was entitled gravity. The title plays a pivotal role in how I interpreted the clip, because it was shown as gravity taking away someone’s individuality. Once the woman could not fly, she did not smile, she did not travel to beautiful places in nature, she just stayed in the city and lost her sense of self. This shows how boring the world would be if everyone was alike. Differences in individuals make the world a unique, interesting place. The moral I took from this video is to never give up hope on being yourself and respect others for who they are.

  85. Chris says:

    A woman wakes up on the beach with an alarm clock next to her. The alarm clock starts ringing and she wakes up but doesn’t want to get up. She makes coffee and gets dressed. She then enjoys her day in the world while doing a levitating dance. A man dressed in black comes and disables her ability to levitate. She also changes into dark clothes. After this point, she cannot levitate anymore, even after many attempts to repeat her gravity-defying feat. She is last seen walking with a group of similar men.
    I think the message the video is trying to convey is that people are free-spirited on their own, but pressures of society force people to assimilate with what society deems normal. The woman is content with levitating and wearing colorful clothes. After she can no longer levitate, she seems unhappy. At the end of the video, she is wearing similar clothes and walking like everyone else.

  86. Will says:

    First of all, the music was incredibly annoying. That made it hard to interpret the rest of the video. The entire video was thoroughly confusing, and I’m not sure I can see an underlying message. It had a surreal quality to it, and reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, especially the thing with the tree. I also started looking at it from a more technical standpoint partway through, trying to figure out how they were getting some of the pictures they used, such as when she was falling down the building. On that note, I thought that it was just a really bad recording at first until I realized that it was stop motion, and not just really choppy video. I feel like there was a lot of symbolism here that passed right over my head (changing clothes, touching the ground, being “upside down”). I certainly didn’t see any of the scenarios Professor Hinc mentioned in her post. Maybe I’m just not trying hard enough, but it didn’t seem to have any hidden “story” to work around and come up with a more complete idea. Maybe it’s my brain trying to be scientific on this instead of artistic. I’m not sure of the reason, I just know that I got very little out of the video.

  87. Varun Murthy says:

    The woman was at peace when surrounded by nature. She began her day on the beach and spent the early portion of her day in tranquil places such as a desert, forest, and meadow. The whole time here, she is floating, counteracting “gravity” (the title of the video) possibly because she is carefree here and enjoying herself. However, while playing around in nature, she falls into a tree and lands in the city where there is no nature or any of the peace she was accustomed too. She initially tries to resist and resume floating, but one of the people in the city forcefully ground her and applies “gravity” on her. Her clothes change from a bright nature-style dress to a more boring black dress and shoes appear on her previously bare feet. This seems to represent how the city has changed who she is and restricts her from being herself because of the need to follow social norms. After attempting to return to her free-going ways, the video concludes with her succumbing to the “gravity” and walking – not floating – amongst the city people. As she walks away from the camera, it is apparent that even though she is walking, her hair is still floating upwards, evidence that regardless of her apparent assimilation into society, she still feels out of place and does not agree with the “gravity” of social norms.

  88. Emily says:

    I think this video is about how you start out free and doing whatever you please, and then as you go through life you get more and more tied down. You may try to break free and get back to your old self, but keep getting dragged back down. She started out on the beach going through a routine anyone would, and goes through several different scenes, dancing the whole way. She is free to do as she pleases on the beach and in the woods. The moving away from yourself could be from many things—in this video I think it was talking about the corporate world to some extent. The girl went from being free in the woods to falling down, down, down and finding herself on a dirty city street dressed to work. I found it similar to Alice from Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole and finding herself in a strange unfamiliar new place. It’s like she didn’t realize where she was going and what happened to her, kind of like many of us get so wrapped up in our goals and getting there we lose sight of ourselves. When she was standing on the railroad tracks with the jumper cables, I think it was her trying to do something to get her back to herself, doing something big or shocking to make herself able to find her old free spirit.
    In the beginning, she was laying on the mattress, grounded, kind of like a child feels secure and grounded. As you grow up, it becomes more and more of a struggle to remain a grounded person. The alarm clock also fits into this—she was trying to hit it, perhaps the snooze button, but couldn’t seem to get to it. This could be a metaphor for life: you can’t stop time or slow it down.

  89. Joel Pruitt says:

    What I saw in the video was a girl who was inside of her dreams. In the beginning she thought she as waking up from her dream and she could fly and change her clothes throughout the video. She also did not feel pain. Near the end of the video she falls back into reality so she is waking up from her dream. Then she meets a man and the man pushes her down because she is not following the rules of gravity and in the real world you have to follow the rules of gravity. Then she starts to feel depressed because she cannot fly and she feels pain and she has to follow everyone else. At the end of the video there were replicas of the guy so everyone is like everyone else. I think that the video represents how everyone in the world today has lost imagination and that once you are forced into society then imagination is taken away. The falling of the girl into the dumpster represents the force of society and the pushing down on the girl from the guy represents the killing of imagination by society. This then leads to depression in imaginative people.

  90. Ben Walsh says:

    To summarize, a woman is depicted as floating through her daily routine, which included getting out of bed, changing into different outfits, then aimlessly wandering through various scenes of nature. She began at the beach, and traversed through rocky terrain, woods, a field with a large tree, until after inspecting the tree, she fell through a hole in the tree. She was seen “falling” through an urban tunnel, and arrived in a city. A man found her and placed her on the ground, for she was floating previously throughout, and her outfit changed to something simple and black. She attempts to float again, but is unable to. She eventually electrocutes herself, making her hair stick up, as she wanders through the city like everyone else.
    Before, when the girl was surrounded by nature, she was free. She did whatever she wanted by herself. She expressed herself, evidenced by the many outfits she tried on. You can imagine the freedom she would physically feel as she floats everywhere. She would have a completely unique and exhilarating experience as she traversed through these scenes of nature aimlessly. Cinematically this was achieved by a continuous series of snapshots of her jumping midair. But when she is introduced to the real world, her outfit is forced to a plain black, and she fits in with everyone else. She wants to feel the freedom and individuality she did before, but is unable to. So she does something very extreme – electrocutes herself. I initially thought she was using the inventions of man to quickly end her misery. But she walked on with everyone else, her long hair standing straight up. I think she finds a way to express her individuality and stand out. She also, perhaps more symbolically than physically, has raised herself. Although her feet are still on the ground, she above everyone else like you she used to be.

  91. Nick says:

    I was confused in the beginning of the short movie, because I did not understand why it was depicting a woman on the beach, floating in the air. However towards the end of the movie when she was in the city, I realized what was being depicted in the film. Also the title of the movie being “Gravity”, pointed to the fact that gravity is the force that pulls everything to the ground, thus alluding to the “man” caging the free spirits of the world.
    The YouTube video that we watch in class was about a woman who was suspended in the air for most of the film, and was then transported from scene to scene. She started on the beach, the traversing to the forest, ultimately ending up in a city. She seemed like a free spirit in the forest and on the beach, acting as if she had done this for her entire life. Then suddenly she was teleported to a city, where she was grounded by a male character, this could be interpreted as “the man” or modern society caging the free spirits and forcing them into the work force. After she was grounded by the man, she no longer could jump into the air. This was a terrible change for her, and she then attempted to kill herself by electrocution at a railroad station. She did not seem to die physically, however the end scene was her walking with a group of men in suits. My interpretation is that it was not her physical life she took, but she killed her spirit, ultimately conforming to modern society. The music was very upbeat, and enjoyable.

  92. Kevin Sistani says:

    The video made me initially react with the stop motion photography by asking why it was filmed in this manner. The background from the very beginning was very interesting and I believe that it is put into the film in order to draw the audience’s attention from the initial point of starting the video, but not so distracting as to take away from the sights and images of the film. Slight altercations are made to the tone of the music and also the lighting of each different scene, most noticeably when looking at the scene at the warehouse or the scene on top of the roof where she attempts to regain her ability to float. These two scenes can be contrasted with that of the opening scene on the beach and in the sand dunes to show that the lifestyle she maintained prior to her life changing experience was very distinct.

    Ending in the same manner in which it began with merely the words “gravity” gave me a sense of how the depression that strikes the girl at the end is intended and has its own message, given by the writer/producer of the film. She began the film in an ideal location, as many people would very much so enjoy the beach, and enjoys being able to wake up and be in such a nice location. I still however, believe that the change she endures upon falling into the hole that may represent reality. Getting out of the garbage and being met by the strange obscure man and having to put on formal attire in order to make her the same as everyone else is a very deep and meaningful message. The way that the entire production maintains this idea of individuality and the ability to stay independent of everyone else shines through in the end of the film when she actually decides to attempt to make herself different. I truly admire the film and its message in that we may be able to change the way that we adapt to the formal boring world by standing out and being different despite having to live in a repetitive or dull area.

  93. Kim Lutkus says:

    The video “Gravity” was very odd, but interesting. The video began with the woman sleeping in a white blanket on the beach. It is a free, beautiful scene until her alarm clock wakes her. From then on she is floating throughout the video dancing around in the air. I think her floating represents the things she enjoys doing in life. She seems happy to be floating around through the beach and the forest. She wants to keep floating around, but there are obstacles in the video that temporarily hinder her. I think this video is about life and how it passes by quickly forcing individuals to do things they don’t necessarily want to be doing. The woman went through several outfits very quickly which reminded me of how life is kind of a blur day-to-day. When she is in the forest she is sucked down through a hole in a tree – something she tried to stop, but could not control. She falls through what appears to be a subway station and she looks terrified. Fitting, public transportation is pretty terrifying, but also it suggests she’s on her way somewhere she doesn’t want to be (like work). She continues to fall down from a building into a dumpster. This reminds me of how life has a way of taking us in strange, unexpected places. The woman runs into a man who physically forces her down onto the ground. He doesn’t allow her to do as she pleases. After this encounter her outfit changes again into a serious black. She looked confused and unhappy, but soon after begins floating and dancing around over railroad tracks. This woman seems to have a strong defiance for what is expected of her. Though she is made unhappy by the obstacles in her way, she finds her way back to happiness by floating. I guess this video kind of sums up life and how people have to remember to be happy and do as they please despite being obliged to do all the things expected of them.

  94. Matt says:

    I saw a busy woman falling asleep even though she has a lot of obligations that she needs to fulfill (work, errands, household tasks, etc.). Time is slipping away from her; she thinks she will be wasting time by sleeping, but does so anyway. She finally falls asleep and dreams about the things she wishes she could do if she were not bound by her obligations: have tea, try on clothing, dance, travel and experience nature. She comes across a tree that draws her in. Still in a dream, she is brought back to the reality of the world by the force of gravity, realizing that she was floating during the time she was acting out her desires. She desperately wants to float again, but cannot escape back to her fantasy world because she is stuck in reality.

  95. James Parker says:

    This video made use of many unusual filming techniques. Almost all of the shots where time lapses or the sequential still frames. This created the effect that everything was very discretized. The music was very upbeat and was well synchronized with the visual, which was aesthetically pleasing. The content of the video starts off by going through a person’s daily routine. It depicts the struggles of waking up every morning as the alarm clock continuously jumped around, evading the actresses attempts to turn it off. The video then shows the actress getting ready for the rest of the day by preparing tea and getting dressed. In the video, there were many elements of nature. The actress starts her morning on the beach and then explores the forest for a while. In the end though, the actress is brought back to the industrialized world. A random man forces her to sit down and her dress changes from tan to black. Perhaps this represents the message that in order to survive in the modern world, one must abandon nature and accept a capitalistic society.

  96. Liana Fahie says:

    This video serves as an interesting analysis of entering the professional world. Although the video at times seems to try to allude to being a nonconformist in society, the message it tries to send in the beginning is that freedom is an illusion. In the beginning this lady is seen lying on a beach with nothing but a bed and an alarm clock. She seems to try to get back into bed but the alarm clock seems to send an unseen signal to her sheets to wake her up. This sends the first message which is that we are all bound by time. She then goes through the process of waking up and getting ready. Through all this activity we see that she is consistently elevated in mid-air. This is where the video introduces the concept of gravity. The lady appears to be very happy and carefree. She is seen in backgrounds filled with nature such as beaches and forests. However the scenery changes when she falls down a tree. After this, we see that she is in what appears to be a city environment. Shortly after being placed in this environment, she is approached by someone who touches her and turns her into a professional looking lady. At this point, she can no longer elevate herself. She spends the majority of the video trying to elevate herself and get back to the freedom that she formerly had. She even goes to the extent to electrocute herself. However, I’m not sure If this was a suicide attempt or her last attempt to be able to float once again as she used to. The only after effect of this was that her hair became raised on her head. At the end of the video we see that she is surrounded by others with curly hair and walking in a uniform manner. Although it seems that she has conformed it appears that she has found something else to stand out by. The take away message from this is that although we all may conform in some way we all have the opportunity to stand out if we fight hard enough.

  97. Charlene says:

    I believe that the video was about freedom and conformity. She was initially surrounded by nature. She was free and could do anything her heart desired. She was so free and happy; she was able to fly anywhere. The weight of the world was lifted off her shoulder which gave her the ability to fly. When she finally got up from bed, she made tea from the ocean. When she decided to get dressed, she has the ability to choose from a large amount of clothes and shoes. She was very happy when she was free and surrounded by nature. But once she was tricked into the tree, she fell back into society. In the society she fell into, she was forced to wear all black. She did not choose her outfit; her outfit just automatically appeared on her. She kept trying to get her freedom back by jumping but society continued to hinder her freedom. She was willing to do anything to get her freedom back but nothing was working. She went from being an individual to being just another faceless person in society. Overall, I think this video was about how being free and being yourself allows you to live a carefree life. This freedom allows you to defy gravity by floating and flying. But once the freedom is stripped from you, gravity wins and continues to weigh you down. Once you’re in the system, you’re unable to leave it. Fighting the system is hopeless because the system always wins. An example of this was at the end of the video when she finally gave up trying to gain her freedom back and conformed to what everyone else was doing. I think the message of the film is that eventually we all conform.

  98. Ellen Kauffman says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video. I was immediately just struck by the method of filmography and it held my attention throughout. I believe this video had a deep meaning which delved into the “weight of the world.” The video provided a visual representation of the burdens of everyday and urban life by physically bringing a woman down. She originally woke up on a beach, completely alone, and was “defying gravity” as she went through her daily routine. The mood was light and she was light. The woman seemed happy and carefree and her ability to levitate brought that to life. I think it is important to note that all this occurred when she was in nature, because once she was placed in a city environment, the mood dramatically changed. Suddenly she was falling, unable to control the effects of gravity anymore. The stark contrast between the two settings was shocking. We watched the woman’s discomfort saw her try (and inevitably fail) to levitate. Something about being the city, in “real life,” was bringing her down. I felt her disappointment and longing to be back where she started, which eventually made me feel that same desire. I would love to feel the way originally had, and I would love to be free of the burdens of everyday life. I want to carefree and able to “defy gravity.”

  99. Kishore says:

    The video started with a woman that was sleeping in a bed on the beach. The video initially focused on her alarm clock, which eventually started to go off. I think that this represents passing time. The fact that the women kept in snoozing the alarm was meant to represent that this is more than just one morning. The video showed her then getting up and floating around doing things that people would normally do in the morning. The video specifically showed her making tea and getting changed into different casual outfits. These are things that I picture people doing when on their day off, or they don’t have anything to do. The woman was then shown floating and dancing around in different scenes of nature. The places where she went all looked peaceful, warm, and inviting; these were the kind of places many people would go to relax. I believe that this part of the video was meant to be a simpler time in life for the woman. All of a sudden the woman falls down a tunnel while looking in a tree and ends up in a dumpster. When she gets out of the dumpster a man is waiting for her and takes away her ability to float. The man is wearing a suit and he looks very proper.He then changes her bright, casual outfit into a dull, black outfit. This outfit looks like something one would wear on the way to a funeral. I think this scene represents a loss of innocence or a compromise into society’s expectations. The video then shows the woman trying to regain the ability to float, although she can still get in the air, she can never get off the ground for more than a few seconds. This all takes place in different surroundings in the city, the setting always looked drab and gloomy which represents a time in life where she is not so happy. Finally the lady decides to electrocute herself but she is still not able to float and her clothes are still the same. But due to the electrocution, her hair now stands up, we then see the lady walking in a crowd of people with her hair standing up. The crowd of people is only made up of the man in the suit
    I think that this video represents how life when we are young is simple, you do a few menial chores and enjoy the rest of your time. The falling down the tree represents being thrown into a new situation in life, it is unexpected and sometimes is so overwhelming it feels like your falling. The man in the suit taking away her clothes and ability represents compromising to expectations and how sometimes that takes away the simple pleasures in life. The woman searching for her power to float represents how when thrown into these type of situations how many people try to live in the past and rely on old experiences. The woman electrocuting herself, could represent her trying something new. And her hair standing up is now something that seperates her from the rest of the crowd or expectations. It is like finding your niche in life and finally understanding how you belong.

  100. Alina says:

    A beautiful woman is sleeping on the beach. As she sleeps her alarm clock awakens. It is her time to “wake up” into existence. She enters a world where gravity does not have a pull on her body. It exists, but its function is to help her; she feels light upon the earth. It is as if she is Eve from the Bible…a modern day version of how she might have felt entering a pure world where humanity did not “know” the idea and the physical aspect of “work”. As she is exploring the beautiful “Garden of Eden”, she comes across a tall tree. Being a curious woman, she goes to explore it. To her surprise, it is not as pretty and friendly as the rest of the Garden of Eden, but in turn is rude-awakening from her “dream world”. She finds herself sucked into reality; a reality foreign to her. In a moment of time, against her will, she finds herself in a “new” home; a place she will need to learn to call home. Shock and confusion spread across her face as she sees a man in front of her trying to help her up. With waves of thoughts and questions racing through her mind, she must learn to operate according to the pull of gravity. Trying to relive the moment of “gravity less” and a reality of perfection and harmony, she spends her life trying to go back to that “dream” of what life was supposed to be. However, she is marked…she is different; she has been “exposed” to a life no one else understands. Exhausted from persistent failure and being misunderstood, she puts away the “dream” and finds herself going with the flow of society… Although when no one else is looking, she tries to go back to that wonderful place…

  101. Miriam Tarshish says:

    My first impression from watching the video was that this actress must have gotten really tired from jumping for so many still shots. I didn’t really understand the premise of the video except that it was about a woman who floats, until it got to the part where the man pushes her to the ground and she looks defeated. At that point I thought it was about female subjugation, but after watching a few more minutes I realized that the woman didn’t feel that she was oppressed as a woman by a man, but that she felt trapped and bound by gravity after being pushed to the ground. Her nature was to float, and because she was grounded she felt that she didn’t belong in that situation. She wasn’t able to float again for a prolonged amount of time after that, and she tries to find some way to feel normal again. She electrocutes herself so that her hair floats, because she wanted at least some part of her to feel the way she used to feel. In terms of what this represents, I really have no idea, except maybe the fact that social constructing forces us to act in ways that are antithetical to our nature. The man pushed her to the ground because “normal” people do not float; perhaps this is showing us that as a society, we force people to act in a sort of cookie cutter fashion, even though that may not be the best situation for everyone.

  102. Daniel chung says:

    In the beginning of the video, the woman had the choice of clothes and shoes. Once she was taken into a darker less colorful world, she was forced into a black dress with black shoes and she tried to regain her flight but to no avail. She ends up stuck in this world wearing the same black dress and shoes. To me the video made it seem like corporate thinking weighs down the free individual. The symbolism of the wild forest and her ability to fly represented a free spirited person, but the men in the suits took that away from her.

  103. Greg says:

    My interpretation of the video:

    We see the Woman waking up. She is “levitating” outside in various nature scenes, yet she is going about the normal routines of waking up, making tea, and getting dressed. She tries on a few pairs of clothes and shoes before settling on bare feet and a muted dress. Playing in the woods, she goes through a “door” in a tree and finds herself in a dreary city scene. A man comes up and pushes her to the ground.

    To me, this video is about the innocence and freedom being corrupted by an authoritarian reality. In the woman’s “world” she is free and happy. When she exits through the door into the the world of the city, she finds herself put down by “the man” who I see as an authority figure. No longer are her feet allowed to be bare, a symbol of freedom. Instead, they are shod with restrictive shoes. Her natural colored dress is replaced with a plain black one. The Woman is crestfallen, but seems resolved in her fate. In seclusion, she tries to “levitate” again but finds herself falling to the ground when she tries. This rings true the hopelessness of her condition. Once a member of the city, there is no escape from oppression


  104. Bobby A says:

    I liked this video a lot. The mixture of the filmography, music, and story worked together well to give a meaningful narrative without any kind of dialogue or text. The video could be interpreted in many ways. For example, my view of it differs pretty wildly from Professor Hinc’.
    When I saw this woman waking up on the shore and traveling through nature, mystified by what she saw around her, I was reminded about how mystified I was by the world around me when I was a child. As we grow older, we are taught more and more to think about “what we are going to do with our life” and “how are we going to support ourselves”, but the woman at the first half of this video seemed carefree. When she was dropped into the “real world”, one where there were real responsibilities and an order to things, you could see the look on her face change from excited to worn down.
    I think we all seek to recreate the wonderment and chaos we experienced when we were children as we grow older, but this pursuit is overtaken by the pushes and pulls of the society we live in. She tried to recreate the floating feeling by jumping on the chair, seeking to float again, but once again she was pushed down by gravity. The same thing happens to everyone, but the gravity is replaced by the expectations of society. I would much rather be at home making music and pursuing things that may be less “useful”, but I have a responsibility to be here in class.
    I struggle a bit to understand what the ending of the video was supposed to mean. At first, I thought she was going to kill herself, but we see her later floating among the crowd, her hair electrified. I think this may be trying to show that we don’t need to follow the crowd; that there are ways to chase those old feelings despite being confined by society. By finding this balance, and by avoiding being just another person in the crowd, we can make ourselves happy.

  105. Nathan says:

    At the beginning of this video I was very interested in the direction it was heading from the scenery and the emotions of the woman. She was happy and carefree going where ever she wanted to go, whether it is on a beach, the mountains or the forest. She was also happy wearing whatever she wanted to and just in general being carefree on the things around her. Then she lands in a dumpster and is pushed to the ground by a man wearing a black jacket. This in turn conforms her to society and her childish carefree attitude is gone no matter how much she wants it back. In the end she walks with the rest of the black jackets down an alley. This signifies her giving up on trying to rebel in this society and rather she conforms to it. The artistic angle was amazing as I have never seen a video like this before. The title was perfect for the ending message and delivers a different meaning to each individual viewer. For me it was a plain message to never give up on what makes you feel exhilarated and somewhat childish in life; To hold onto that and make that idea work for your living in society as an individual. Let that feeling and desire define you as a person.

  106. Moriah Young says:

    The video shows a crazy life of a woman. She got up and made her tea to start off her day then the video went into many different scenes. She had a ton of outfits put on her and was dancing and having fun in the woods and doing as she pleased until she fell down the tree and into society. She had a frightened look on her face as if society scared her because she would no longer be able to be herself. A man grounded her and her outfit turned into a plain and normal black dress and she ended up walking off with men that wore the same suit. The last part of the video in my opinion portrayed her conforming to society and the norms. She was no longer free to think outside the box and be her own person. Her hair was still standing up from shock which represents how conforming to society can drive someone crazy. This video displays how people are held down to earth by the norms of society like everything on earth is held down by gravity.

  107. Jacob says:

    The beginning of the video appears to be a dream, where the

    tunnel and dumpster scenes represent a woman’s rude awakening

    from a dream in a magical world where she can fly. It seems that

    her dream inspired her to defy gravity in her ‘real’ life to

    escape from the negativity and uniformity of the past, and to

    distinguish herself. This metaphor can be applied to countless

    situations, but the general themes are escape and uniqueness.

    The imagery certainly conveyed the atmosphere of magic and

    comfort in the first world, and negativity and conformity in the

    second. The technique is simple, but looks very difficult in this

    video (especially the clothes-changing scene). The well placed

    ‘shaking’ added to the motion in the video.

  108. Catherine Ashley says:

    For the beginning scenes of the video, my impression was that a woman was experiencing a dream-like sequence of being suspended above the ground in a natural and beautiful environment. This thought process continued, as the woman woke up, got dressed, and blissfully wandered around the beach and forest, all while floating. However, this vision was quashed when her travels lead her into the city, where she was literally grounded by a stern man wearing all black. The setting changed to urban and gray instead of natural , colorful, and free. Her devastated and confused expression reflected this change of tone and setting, as she lost her ability to float. At this point in the video, I inferred that the message was that one can become lost or overly grounded by reality, as the woman in the video experienced firsthand. Initially, the woman was spirited and happy, but when she was brought into the reality of everyday life and business, she became distressed and melancholy.

    Despite the lack of suspension at the end of the film, the woman’s hair remained vertical, floating in the air. This showed that, while the woman lost her ability to float and be free, the spirit of freedom and dream-like blissfulness remained within her. This closing scene had the impression of the disparity of the real world, yet the hope that the free spirit remains.

    While did not necessarily like the video, I can appreciate the messages and cinematographic efforts that went into creating the film. The fact that the woman was behaving out of the norm caught my attention, and my slight confusion at the beginning kept me watching. I did not particularly enjoy the soundtrack to the song and feel like a more applicable song could have been selected; the song was very electronic and contrasted with the natural setting at the beginning (although this perhaps could have alluded to the repetitive tasks of urban daily life by the end of the film).

    Overall, I found the video intriguing and thought provoking, for its combination of visual, audial, mental, emotional, and appeals.

  109. Benjamin says:

    I think the use of stop motion to give the illusion of defying gravity was very interesting and gave the video a unique feeling. In the beginning of the video, the woman is out in the natural world. I think what the maker of this video is trying to convey is that when she was in nature, she felt free from the burdens of civilization. Near the end of the video, she plummets into the industrialized world and can no longer float. Her clothes change to match the greyish palette of the industrial setting and she struggles to break free from this, trying again float but failing. I think the argument that the author is trying to make is that the way that the standards and expectations that we have developed as a society can be restricting and are relative to how we’ve grown industrially and technologically. The video shows, though the viewpoint of this woman, the difference between a life within society and a life outside of all those restrictions.
    This is an argument that I have heard before, that society is holding us back from communing with nature, in many other media. I don’t find it very convincing because, although it can be freeing to be out in nature, the advances that we have made in science and technology as a society are what allow us to better understand nature.

  110. Brad says:

    While watching the video I was very confused and could not think of a concrete idea that was being portrayed. I noticed that once the girl woke up she was confused about everything that was happening. It was as if she had been placed in that scene without even knowing it. She had to stop her alarm clock from floating away. Then she started floating and her bed started floating away. She had to get her blankets and put them into the correct spot again. Eventually she got used to the fact that she was floating and went about her life. She made tea with sand as if it was normal to her. She wondered throughout the wilderness and she appeared to be having so much fun. This was almost like her own make-believe world.
    Once she got to the developed world a man grabbed her and lowered her to the ground. This signifies that she is coming back to reality, and cannot float anymore. She tries many times to float again, but cannot escape the reality to get into her own world. Therefore she electrocutes herself to try to float again and defy gravity. As a result gravity does turn in the opposite direction, but it does not lift her of the ground. It only makes her hair float. She now accepts the fact that she cannot escape reality and sadly goes about living her life in the real world.

  111. Luke Hendrix says:

    There’s something to be said about childish wonder. There’s the full blown, over-done, reckless, helpless, complete abandon of amusement and devotion to the sudden, to the superficial, to the utterly untoward, to what essentially sums up to half a second of suspension and a floating feeling in the stomach. People want those moments of wonder, when the most fantastic thing was drifting waves of sand on a beach, the feel of ground squishing between your toes, a rabbit hole just barely wide enough for Alice to fit inside. Authors and artists and all manner of creators pour years and hours into attempting to replicate and synthesize something which is, at the core essence of it, impossible to produce, non-synthetic, something that can’t be forged by gearboxes, electricity, or alchemy. Young people spend it, old people remember it. The middle aged wish they had it, but always stand with the sinking suspicion that what it was is essentially lost forever, as if their soul at adolescence wrapped itself in a cocoon and awoke the next spring as a worm. Youth is for the young, because they’re the only people willing to waste it. Because if there’s one thing that’s separated from childlike wonder, it is desire. Greed, lust, need, want, everything that volt charges and steam powers work, action, progress, proliferation, these are all the antithesis of that ephemeral point of light back in the distant depths of our lives. The moment you start yearning for wonder, you can be assured that you’ll never find it. Better instead to press on, move forward, and walk. If you think about what you did back then, what you forced yourself to do, what emotions you had to simulate, to feel those feelings, you’ll realize that there were none. Wonder isn’t something that you can achieve by searching or trying or looking or listening to a self-help seminar or even watching a clever three-and-a-half minute video, because the moment you try to achieve it, it’s gone, baby, gone. But still, we keep searching, and trying, and looking, and the self-help seminars and the clever videos and the viral, memetic spread of children being children marches on, as inexorable and hopelessly misdirected as any other gasping grasp for wonder. You can’t catch it, you can only become it, and that simply by letting it happen.

    So no, it doesn’t do it for me. Besides, adulthood has its moments as well.

  112. Aaron says:

    I see a girl, waking up hungover on the beach. She wrestles with her alarm trying to make sense of where she is. But something is wrong, the wind is too strong. Eventually she feels the wind’s flow and uses it to help her gather her things. In a desperate attempt wake up and make sense of the world she throws a teacup of ocean water in her face. Then, trying to remember what she has to do with her day, she tries on numerous outfits. Finally awake and energized, she skips around gleefully. She is lost, but doesn’t care, just happy to be alive. Something catches her curiosity, and she looks at it more closely. Then it pulls her inside and she is faling, falling, falling…. She wakes up again, in the real world this time. The man who woke her up: “Who is he? Where am I?” she wonders.
    Desperately trying to regain the surreal freedom she felt in her dream, she goes to the top of a building and hops in the air, but her feet won’t budge. She goes back to her apartment and sits in her chair. She jumps up, but falls back down immediately, unable to recover her dream. She becomes suicidal, recklessly attempting anything that could return her to her dream state. For one last second before she dies, she wonders “Why?” What happened to her life? Why was she so unhappy. Shocked, physically, mentally, and mortally, she absentmindedly follows the crowd to whatever is next for her after her life that was so sporaticaly cut short with one thought on her mind: “At least gravity is back to normal.”

  113. Andrew says:

    I found this to be a very strange but intriguing video. To be honest while watching it for the first time I did not know what to think about it on a deeper level then it was a well put together stop motion film but nothing greater than other videos using Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Publisher on that level. But after watching it again and reading the blog post above I can see that on another level this video shows the struggles of a woman every day. From the fight with her alarm clock or the struggle in her sheets to the many choices of what to wear. This first section of the film is located in her “dreamland” where she wishes she would be when she wakes up. The next section of the film is one of her being free in a meadow prancing around where she wants to be but all is just an illusion as she falls into the reality. She falls into the real world, a literal garbage can where she is immediately held down by the “man” who keeps her from rising above. This is the final section of this film; she changes from her free flowing dress to that of a black corporate uniform and even goes as far as contemplating suicide to escape. But instead the idea of freedom is always on her head represented by her hair being suspended at the end.
    All in all I think that the overcoming of gravity in this video represents freedom from her everyday struggles and her being held down to earth in reality.

  114. Boheng says:

    While I was watching this video, I was looking for a hidden meaning. Initially, the video started out on a beach, where a woman was waking up. Once she woke up, she began floating in the air. At first I thought this was very odd. She drinks a cup of tea and changes outfits many times, all while floating in the air. The scene then changes to many other natural scenes, including a desert and a forest. She then gets pulled into an empty tree trunk, where she falls into modern society. In this video, modern society is depicted as dirty and uninviting because she lands in a dumpster in an alley. Once she enters modern society, a man comes and pushes her down to the ground, bringing her spirits down as well. In the next few scenes, the woman tries to jump up and float again, but is pulled down by the weight of modern society. She then electrocutes herself in order to float again, but is unsuccessful. My interpretation of this video is that in order to truly be free and to truly enjoy life, one must take time some time away from modern society because modern society is keeping people from being happy. Also, it represents the detrimental effects of industrialization and development of society. As the natural scenes passed, the woman became happier and happier, but became distraught once she fell into modern society. She tries to be happy once again by jumping up towards the sky, but is unsuccessful. In the closing scene, a bunch of men are walking behind her towards what appears to be a dead end, signifying that she has given up and is accepting her fate and following the path of modern society towards nowhere.

  115. Javier V. says:

    The video begins with a woman lying on a mattress in the middle of the beach. Suddenly, her alarm clock begins to move and float. Initially, I thought that this would portray a woman’s dream or unwillingness to wake up. As the woman struggles to grab her blanket, I wondered why the sand and water remained on the ground. She and her belongings defied the laws of gravity, but everything that did not belong to her did. All of the images, colors and music drew me into the storyline, and I wanted to know what it all meant. Her clothes were vibrant and were changed freely. She floated happily in her morning routine. She did not have a home; she belonged to no one; she was her own boss. In a later scene, she appeared in a grass field and floated to the tree. I immediately empathized with this scene because I love the outdoors. Yet, her experience was more beautiful. She danced to the music and touched the tree endearingly. It has always been a dream to have a soundtrack to my afternoon. Life would seem more exciting; music would know its cue based off my feelings.
    Shortly after, she falls down the tree in a sort of Alice in Wonderland fashion. She falls into a dumpster, the first time she abides by gravity. Her new world is gray and lackluster. She looks confused by her new surroundings; then, a man without distinct features touches her. He takes away her ability to float and indoctrinates her into this new society. She is now constrained. She has lost her creativity, her sense of adventure, and her individuality. This scene reminded me a corporate business world. Employees follow the requests of a higher official and become an unidentifiable member in the working world. I admit that my business world is narrow, but I believe there is a lot of truth to the video. The idea I got was when you lose your sense of ownership, you lose a part of yourself in the process.

  116. Chad says:

    I felt like I was going to have a seizure while watching this video. Throughout the experience, I was intrigued and interested in deciphering the messaged of the video. The video begins with the women’s alarm clock waking her up and her battle to stay in bed. It then continues with her preparing for her day by getting dressed and making tea. All of this is a struggle at first but once she is dressed and she moves on with her day, she begins to enjoy what she is doing. She is dancing through the forest and through the desert. She is floating the entire time. The video portrays that she is free while she inhabits nature (the beach, the desert, the forest). Once she climbs into the tree, she falls down a traffic tunnel. I believe this symbolizes her transition to society because she is falling through a tunnel. Tunnels are created as travel paths and they connect communities and typical journey through nature. She begins falling because when she is entire society, she losses her freedom and therefore losses her expression of freedom.
    She falls into a trashcan and is met by a man who gives her new clothes that are dark and bland. This is another message that symbolizes her loss of expressive freedom. When she first meets the man, she is intimidated. She begins wondering throughout the crowded city. While she is doing this, she attempts to jump, fly and dance but she is unable to. She seems confused and lost because she is in a completely foreign world where she cannot fly, jump and be free. She is essentially shackled by the limitation of her the society she is in. I believe this message comes from the idea that society molds humans, and it limits their freedom by constructing laws, teaching them certain ideas and instilling specific values in them.
    At the end of the video, the woman electrifies herself. She is attempting to regain her freedom or kill herself, but she is unsuccessful. The next scene shows her rejoining other humans. She is still wearing her bland outfit and she follows the herd of people. She accepts her new life and how there is no freedom of expression. She follows the rest of the people in society like sheep.
    To conclude, I believe video is representing what society does to the human conscious and human freedom.

  117. Roma says:

    I interpreted this video as a metaphor for understanding women who are emotionally, physically, or mentally abused by certain men. It could be a boyfriend, a boss, or even a close relative. Regardless, many women experience domestic violence and I believe this video illustrates the feelings and perceptions that women experience when such violence is present in their lives. At the beginning of the video, it appears as though the woman wants to continue sleeping, dreaming of good thoughts, and does not want to face the reality of waking up and facing the violence she may be experiencing. She attempts to grab onto her comforter and hold onto it so she can go back to sleep, but it is out of her control. Despite the fact that she has to get up and face reality, she is finding herself daydreaming, living in a world of beauty and nature where no one can hurt her. When she is seizing at times, I feel as though a part of her is reliving the abuse in her mind. She is then confronted by a man who is “putting her down” but figuratively and literally as seen in the video. He is belittling her and is making her feel as though she is not good enough for him or for society in general. She makes attempts to stand strong (I think this can be inferred by her standing on top of the skyscrapers) but feels as though she has no other choice but to conform to this patriarchal society.