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In a comment on the earlier post about my first public reading and book signing for To Kill the Other, Madga asked about the story of Marek’s mother’s death.  She asked if the story was based on real facts or if it was fictional. Here is my answer: Many years had passed after the shipyard workers uprising in […]

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Happy Birthday with Love, John Lennon

You might be surprised to learn that not everyone around the globe understood the words of Imagine the way they were intended when John Lennon sang them. And I myself had learned this truth in my twenties, after emigrating to the USA. Keep in mind that Poles, under communist rule, were not allowed to travel […]

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Poland: tragic history repeats itself

The plane crash that killed Polish President Lech Kaczyński on Saturday reminded me of the most painful moments in Poland’s history. The 97 who died included the army chief of staff, the head of the National Security Bureau, the national bank president, the deputy foreign minister, the deputy parliament speaker, the civil rights commissioner, and other members […]

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